How is Hail Damage Assessed On a Car?

How is Hail Damage Assessed on a Car? Assessing hail damage on a car is an essential step in evaluating the extent of the damage and determining the necessary repairs. This process involves thoroughly inspecting the vehicle to identify dents,

How to Fix Hail Damage Car

Learn how to a fix hail damage car. We have hail damage on a Infinity G-37 and it needs lots of dents removed. Watch for more PDR tips.

How to Remove Hail Damage Dents

Are you looking how to remove hail damage dents from your car? Look no further and watch this video about removing hail damage dents.

How to Glue Pull Dents

How to Glue Pull Dents: Watch this video and learn how to remove over 200 dents by using a PDR glue puller. Learn more now.

Hail Damage On Your Car {Do This}

If you have hail damage on your car, call your insurance company and file a hail damage claim. Then find an auto hail repair shop.

How to File an Auto Hail Repair Claim with Insurance

If you have an auto hail repair claim to file with your insurance, make sure to watch this auto claim video to learn the ins and outs.