How To Glue Pull Severe Auto Hail Damage​

How to Glue Pull Dents

If you want to learn how to glue pull dents, make sure to watch this video.  In this video, you will learn which tools needed and how to pull dents.

Video Summary

Hi everyone hope you are doing great today.  I had a couple requests to make a video about glue pulling.  This video shows the before and after process. 

In the first video you will see a severely damaged right, roof rail and if I had to put a number on this rail, it has over 200 dents.  I will be using a special dent removal technique called glue pulling to remove the dents.  The following tools will be used to remove the dents from the hail: a slide hammer, KECO Dead-Center and Gang Green Tabs, special black glue that I get from Europe, a tap down and a blending hammer.  After some PDR, you can see the roof rail came out great.

If you have any questions about glue pulling dents and other tools necessary, check out PDR Glue: Everything You Need to Know.

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