How to Fix Hail Damage Car

How to Fix Hail Damage Car

Learn how to a fix hail damage car. We have hail damage on a Infinity G-37 and it needs lots of dents removed. Watch for more PDR tips.

Video Summary

If you look at this car you will notice lots of dents. I will start with the inside corner.  It looks like I can get a hand tool in there, so I will start with this one.  After a good push I will move onto that big one there.  I am going to walk my tool in towards the center and make a couple of strong pushes to flatten out the middle of the dent.  I don’t want to volcano the dent or what we would call “donut hole” it, but I do want to go back out to the edge and roll around the outside a little and make some severe pushes to tug that metal back out.

The dent is almost gone, just a couple more pushes at a finer angle and this dent will look nice.  Now that this dent is finished, I will move to a different one.  Since there are lots of dents on this car, I will choose a dent that I can get the farthest with my PDR tool first.  Then I will move to closer dents.  I might have to change tools too. 

This dent right here looks more like a little tense wave and it will take three or four more pushes. If I know where I am going with a dent, I can get them removed quick.  Sometimes I will even make a high spot and tap that down to finish the dent. 

Some dents will look different like this one, it’s a tear drop shape and it’s next to the edge, but it came out nicely.  This dent here is a big one and I will use a s-hook and my PDR tool to get way back there to remove this dent.  I know this may look easy in the video, but I have been doing paintless dent repair for 20 years and it takes lot of time and practice to know where to push the dent and how the metal moves. 

I will now start on this triangle section.  I already have my hook hanging ready to go and I will start at the top section and work my way down the pyramid.  If I push too hard on a dent, that’s okay as I can come back and tap it down.  I won’t be getting every single dent out at the moment but when I finish here, I will go back and cross check my work and then finish the dents.   

Everything seems to be going nicely and now I will move to the bottom section of the pyramid of dents to finish this section off.  This dent here will be fun to watch.  It has a tough access point and it is very sharp.  It seems like this dent is under the brace but with a few pushes, I should be able to remove this dent. 

Now I will glue pull these dents using Keco tabs and PRD glue.  Once you have the glue on the tab, push the tab onto the dent but not super hard.  You can see the glue is starting to cure but I will give it a few more seconds to dry.  I will pull the tab off and check the dent.  I can tell those lines are straightening out, but if I give it a big pull, it may have stretched the metal.  I think this will be enough glue pulling on this dent and I will finish it off with a different tool. 

On to the next dent.  This dent is on a little ridge.  I will put some glue on the tab and let it sit for 45 seconds.  The temperature here is about 70 degrees and I am using this black glue which is rated for this temperature. 

Now on to this aluminum hood.  I will have to work really slow as aluminum dents are harder to remove.  I still have lots of dents to repair but I hope you enjoyed this video on how to fix hail damage car. 

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