Paintless Dent Repair: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

You might have come across the term “paintless dent repair” and not known what it was, or you may have had a lot of paintless dent repair questions. If this is the case, we’re glad to tell you that there’s finally an answer! In this blog post, we will answer some frequently asked questions about paintless dent removal so that you can better understand how it works and why it’s worth your time.

What is paintless dent repair (PDR)?

Paintless dent repair is a technique for removing dents from the body of a car using tools and other items to push out the dent without having to apply paint or replace any part of the damaged car.  This technique is an option for removing dents from your car when you don’t want to take it into a body shop or have a PDR professional fix the dent.

Why choose paintless dent repair?

You should choose paintless dent repair (PDR) because it is effective and cost-effective. It requires little effort when compared to traditional methods of repairing dents like using a hammer and dolly kit (which involves replacing part) or having someone else do it for you at a professional auto body shop.

How much paintless dent repair cost?

Paintless dent repair can remove a dent from your car in less than an hour, and it usually costs around $200-$300 for the entire service. This technique also prevents you from needing to replace any parts on your vehicle because there’s no paint involved with this process which means that if you have scratches or other damage on the body of your car besides dents, they won’t be affected by getting paintless dent repair done. 

Paintless dent repair work can be more expensive than the traditional method where you paint over a dent with touch-up paint, but it’s typically less expensive than replacing your car parts if they can’t be repaired.

Does paintless dent repair really work?

The PDR process doesn’t always create perfect results but it can be a good option for some vehicle owners who need to get their car repaired quickly and affordably.

Can you do PDR yourself?

You can do your own car repairs with PDR! All you need is some practice. It’s a little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it and gain confidence in your skills, there won’t be anything to stop you from fully repairing any dent or dings. In most cases though, you should still bring your car to a professional PDR technician. 

Does paintless dent repair tools work?

Yes, paintless dent repair tools do work by using a series of specially designed tools that are used to push the dent out from behind.

The paintless dent repair process is not only effective but it also provides for some great DIY fun!  Many people don’t know this, but you can do paintless dent repair at home with just a few simple supplies and your own two hands.

What can PDR not fix?

PDR cannot fix a dent that is too deep or a crease. Dents in this category can only be fixed by repainting the surface of the vehicle and covering it up with paint.

Misconceptions about paintless dent repair?

There are many people who think that you can only use paintless dent repair when it’s for hail damage, but this isn’t true! You can also do paintless dent repairs on dents and door dings. Paintless dent repair work is not limited by these categories of damage as long as there is still metal behind the damaged area to push out.

Another misconception about PDR tools is that they require extensive knowledge and training before usage. Beginners might be able to remove “easy” dents but you should still leave the challenging dents to PDR professionals.

Does insurance cover dent repair?

Insurance does not cover paintless dent repair because it is considered cosmetic and does not affect the safety of your car. However, hail damage could be covered if you have comprehensive coverage on your insurance policy.

Do hot glue dent pullers work?

Hot glue dent pullers are a cheaper alternative to paintless dent repair. They work by sticking hot glue on the outside of a dented surface and pulling it back out relatively quickly, removing the dent as well. Although this process does not remove damage from the inside of panels like paintless dent removal can do, it is an easy way for amateur car enthusiasts to remove dents.

Does a plunger really work on car dents?

At one point in time, the plunger was used to remove dents from vehicles. This tool is still being marketed as a way to remove dents but should it be?

This process has been deemed ineffective by many PDR professionals because of its inability to get under the edge of the damaged area. Plungers also lack precision when trying to push out certain areas that are close together like headlights for example.

A more effective way to fix minor paintless vehicle damage would be using PDR tools which can easily fit into tight spaces and reach edges without causing any additional harm.

Can you remove car dents with boiling water?

While boiling water can be used to push a dent out, the process is not recommended. The high temperatures of the boiling water will warp or melt any plastic parts that it comes in contact with.

Plus, after pushing out the dent you might find it back again once the part cools down and shrinks back to its original shape.

How do body shops fix dents?

Body shops will typically remove dents by replacing the panel where the dents can be found.  If the auto body shop has access to a PDR technician, they may use them to remove the dent if it’s easier to do. 

How do you get a dent out of a car with a hairdryer?

You can heat up the panel by placing a hairdryer next to the dent and then you can use a PDR tool to push the dent back into place.

Do this if someone dents your car in a parking lot?

The best option is to document the dent with a photo and then contact your insurance provider. They will determine whether or not they want to take care of it, but most likely they won’t if you don’t have full coverage on your car.

Otherwise, you can go into your local body shop for paintless dent removal services. The technicians are able to work on your dent without painting or respraying the area, so it won’t be noticeable from a distance.

How long does a dent repair take?

Dent repair takes anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the size and depth of the dent. Deep dents take longer to fix as they require more heating time for shrinking purposes. Smaller dents are easier because it takes less time to remove.

Paintless dent removal is a great option for your car if you want to save money and time.  Just remember to  look for a reputable PDR company with the right equipment and skills so you can have peace of mind knowing that your car will be back to normal in no time!