How to Remove Hail Damage Dents

How to Remove Hail Damage Dents

Are you looking how to remove hail damage dents from your car? Look no further and watch this video about removing hail damage dents.

Video Summary

Welcome to Excel Dent Removal. Today, I am going to show you how to remove hail dents when the damage is under a brace.  I have a dent in the trunk lid, and trunk lids tend to be heavily reinforced and braced. Most of the damage is going to be under a braced area. There is limited access and maybe only a couple of dents are in the open, but those dents seem to be a lot smaller.

Here are the different tools to remove these hail dents. These PDR tools are designed to get inside and under braces as you will see this from my demonstration.  I will have to get underneath each dent and push them up.

Let us take a closer look and I’ll show you how bad the damage is.  Now the trunk lid is off the car, if we look, you will notice all these hail dings when using our paintless dent repair light.  

Now you can start to see a lot of these dents. You can see some of the dents are along the edges, a couple of bigger dents are along the side and this is what the underside of this trunk lid looks like.  

You can see there are some little openings which help greatly for our paintless dent repair tools, and generally not every trunk lid is the same. Some are reinforced with more access, and some have a lot more bracing with less access.  This trunk lid is probably average and has good access for removing dents.   

I have a few different tools for removing these dents.  These PDR tools are all small, skinny and what we call a whale tail. This is great for sliding in above the bracing to push the dents out.   You can see how small and skinny these are, they are not designed to just push out the bulk of the dent, but to push a small amount at a time.

When repairing hail damage or removing dents, you will use lots of different tools.  These tools here cost between $30-$100 per tool.  The other tool that you see here is a glue gun.  You can use a glue gun, glue, and tabs to remove the harder to access dents. 

I will be using a whale tail to fix these couple of dents.  I will have to slide this tool under the brace and use a little twisting motion to push up the dent.  The whale tail has tips on both sides made for twisting to remove the dent. 

Now that this hail dent taken out; I will move over to this other one that is out in the open. Since this dent is out in the open, I will be using a different paintless dent repair tool to push this one out.  

I have got a couple dents in different places with really good access for my whale tail.  After pushing these dents out, I have another one that will be a little more difficult. 

That is, it for today.  I have all the dents removed and as you saw and most of them were under a brace. 

If you have hail damage or need a dent removed, make sure to bring it to an auto hail professional.