How to Repair Small Dents on your Car by Yourself

How to Remove Car Dents DIY

If you want to know how to remove car dents using DIY, make sure to watch this video.  You will learn which tools you should use and see if this is actually something you can do.

Video Summary

What’s up guys, I am Andy from 1Auto and in this video, I am going to show you how to fix small dents like this one.

The first thing we are going to do is take some soapy water and make sure to clean the area. You can wash the whole car but we are just going to wash this area for the video.  If you have access to the inside of the panel like this one, we could get in behind it and use a little hammer to tap it out but instead we are going try a different approach.

With this tool and some hot glue, we are going to suck the dent right out.  After pulling the dent everything looks good and now, I will use some alcohol to wipe the panel off. You can choose a different sized tab and glue if needed. 

After a little magic, I would say it is probably 90 % better than it was.  I could take some polish and polish up this area but for now, let us try a couple more. 

For this interesting dent I will use this oval looking adapter right here, because it’s a longer dent.  After working some more magic,  I would say that one is about 90- 95 percent gone.

As you saw, you can remove dents easily using different tools but I suggest you practice on an old hood or fender to learn the ins and outs.

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