Tailgate Dent Repair Tutorial

Tailgate Dent Repair Tutorial

Watch and learn tailgate dent repair on this SUV. Removing dents may seem easy but you really need to learn PDR before trying.

Video Summary

Hey today, you’re going to see how I use paintless dent repair to take out these couple of small tailgate dents in this Chevy Equinox typically with paintless dent repair. We try to go behind the panel and push it out so with this Chevy Equinox tailgate dent that we have in here today. You’re going to see the process of not only from the outside of what it looks like as the dent is coming out. But I’m also going to show you the inside, under the panel with the tool from the inside, that we use the special tailgate dent repair tools to go on the inside and slowly push the dent out. You’re going to see, as I’m doing, that that I’m just slightly gently moving the tool around making small little gentle pushes until I get it completely flat. Now, typically with paintless dent repair and the way it’s been done for over thirty – forty years. Now is when it first started was going behind the panel.

We actually pushed the tailgate dents out from the inside, massage them gently push them until we get the panel flat, and this always worked really well. It worked perfectly worked excellent with small dings and door dents, and it is advanced over the years into much bigger damage. Now you may have seen a lot of stuff that’s been marketed online now to consumers to stick a tab onto the car and just pop your dent out. It’s magically gone now.  It doesn’t always work that easily and if you click this icon up at the top.  I’ve got a list: a playlist of more videos that I’ve done that just use the glue pulling method, and you can see the process of how it’s done and it’s not just a quick, quick fix.

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