How to Remove Sharp Dents From a Car

How to Remove Sharp Dents From a Car

Learn how to remove sharp dents from a car by using paintless dent repair. Watch this video for more PDR tips on removing sharp dents.

Video Summary

Hey so I just had this Chevy Silverado come in for a minor sharp dent repair on the truck fender and you’re going to see how I use paintless dent repair to remove this minor dent so come on. Let’s go outside. Let’s take a look at it.  So here you can see the sharp dent on this truck. Fender was caused, probably from bumping into a garbage. Can I believe my customer had said – and you can see – there’s a sharp impact point right above the body line and then that caused it to push down the metal below the line, and this is definitely a somewhat of a severe damage, but let’s go pull it inside and we’ll get started on it!

Now, under my PDR lights here, we can see how deep this sharp dent is and how extreme this damage is, making it more than just a minor dent, and while the main impact of this dent on the fender was probably right about two inches. Once I marked the outer edges of the damage, you’re going to see that this dent is definitely more about three inches in size, but it does have a deep center and a damaged body line. Now, when we want to find the cost of paintless dent repair, the method we use is first, we go about by measuring the damage and then there’s some additional factors that we have to take into account with this particular damage.

It is a deep, sharp dent, and you can see here, that the body line is crushed and that’s going to take some additional time to repair. So, then we use our guide, and this gives us the cost of paintless dent repair by taking the size and additional factors. One other thing here is: I do have to remove the fender liner to give me access behind the dent to be able to push it out and with this one, there are some small little access holes that are behind this fender liner. So, by loosening this or moving it out of the way will give me access with my paintless dent repair tools to start pushing out the dent. Now. First, I’m going to start with some heat on the dent, and this helps to make the paintless dent repair process easier by keeping the paint, soft and flexible and also making the metal easier to work with now.

This first PDR tool, I’m going to start with, is a fairly sharp tool and the reason being is because this is the only tool that’s going to fit through the access holes behind the fender. But I’m going to apply this special tape and that’s going to help. Soften it up, so that I don’t get any major sharp push marks, as I start with this damage. Now, if you want, you can find a link to this tape in the description below now. This sped up version is going to show you the process of paintless dent repair that I used to slowly and precisely make little pushes to get out this minor dent. Do you like what you’ve seen so far? Click that like button and hit subscribe for some more paintless dent repair videos.

So, with pushing up all the lows and then having to knock down all the high ridges. I am then now left with some small but sharp dents, and these dents are most likely. The main impact point now both paintless dent repair tools here, are from the A1 PDR Tool Company and the first one I used to be one of their stock paintless dent repair tools, but this other tool with the very sharp tip. This is one that I had them custom make for me just for these situations. Now, if you’re interested, I will leave a link to A1 tool down in the description below now with this type of damage, we often move our light to a different angle, so we can see if there’s any other issues with the damage – and you can see here That there’s a little bit of a highline on the top and the bottom and then also still some low spots that we can see from this angle. So, what I’m going to do here you can see, is I’m going to continue to knock down any of these high spots get inside and push up in any of the low spots in this minor dent until I have a good smooth finish. 

You can go check out this other large truck fender dent that I have. That was also from hitting a garbage. Can the link be just above there in the corner? Now all that is left is some minor buffing and a polish to bring the paint surface back to an excellent finish. Okay, follow me and let’s go outside we’ll, take a look at the final results. I hope you enjoyed this video on how to remove sharp dents from a car.

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