Door Edge Dent Repair

Door Edge Dent Repair

Are you looking to remove a dent on the edge of a door? Make sure to watch this video on door edge paintless dent repair.

Video Summary

Hey so you’re going to see how I removed door edge dents on this brand-new nice Cadillac Escalade. So let’s go out and take a look at the damage now my customer had brought this in because somebody rubbed up against his driver’s side rear door here, probably with a bumper, putting a dent right along the edge and a little bit in front of the edge Putting a small crease in there, you can see how much that edge is definitely pushed in and we need a special tool to use that so you’re going to see that next, so let’s pull it inside we’ll get it under our better lights. Get a better idea of what we’re looking at. So now that I have it inside, under my paintless dent repair light, you can see how much this is pushed in right on the edge, probably half an inch, maybe almost an inch right along the edge and there’s also a crease right in front of it. Now, with that crease I’m starting with the glue pulling method to just pull out as much as I can along that edge just because there is limited access there, and you can see here that this a little bit of work. Just minimize took care of that little bit of dent in the front and, if you’d like to see any more glue, pulling method, videos click the link right at the top.

Now, I’m starting to work on the edge on this special door edge dent removal tool that I have here is called the edge jack tool and it’s designed just for removing dents and edges. Now we can remove small dents, or in this case, obviously this longer door edge. That’s pushed in I’m using this tool, slowly pushing it up with some special tips that are attached to it. Also, taking this hammer to it a little bit here, just smoothing out the edges from both sides. Now, when doing this, this edge gets wrapped around the inner seem because it’s glued and sealed right along this edge, and I have to tap that down just to smooth out that edge just a little bit getting it as smooth as possible. Now, I’m continuing with this edge tool just slowly bringing up the edge just a little bit at a time until I get it completely flat. Now, in a few minutes, we’re going to show you all the tools that are used and the different tips that were used with this tool.

I’ve got some special rubber and plastic tips they attach just to the bottom of this edge tool and then using this glue, pulling squeeze trigger tool to gently lift up the damage. Now, just doing some last finishing touches here with a whale tail tool that we use just to get right next to this edge, to lift and tweak the last little bit to get this as smooth and excellent as possible, and you’ll also see that tool here. Coming up next, when I show you all the tools that we use with this door edge dent repair now, here you can see. I started with the glue pulling method used, a couple of glue tabs and the glue gun. I’ve got my couple of hammers with a rubber ball tip on it, and also some plastic knockdown tools. Obviously, here is the door edge dent tool, the edge jack with a couple of different plastic and rubber tips to push up that edge and the squeeze trigger. I will have links to all these down in the description so check down there. If that’s something you want to check out and take a look at here is a finished result.

You can see how smooth that edge is now it’s completely flat, leveled up with the rest of the edge and no damage no noticeable damage at all, and you can even see from the inside with the seam sealer and the edge of the door. There’s no damage on the inside from using this tool typically before. If people would have smashed it and hammered it, we would just ding this up tore up the paint tore. Seam sealer, with this edge tool, obviously gave me some excellent results and I’ll pull it back outside. Here. Take a closer look at the damage outdoors now. I hope you enjoyed this video on door edge dent repair. Thank you for watching.

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