Telsa Hood Dent Repair

Telsa Hood Dent Repair Tutorial

Learn how to remove dents from this Tesla hood dent repair video. For more PDR tips and tricks make sure to watch this hood dent repair video.

Video Summary

Hello world PDR, coming at you here with another Tesla hood dent repair video, this one’s a 2017 model, three real nice cars for a real nice guy, and it’s got a hood dent. If you look deep into that hood dent, it looks like it has a little scratch, but it’s a surface scratch and it’s kind of risky for me to pull glue. I’ve opened this thing up and it is a double skin braced all the way up to about here, and I really don’t want to slide a sneaky all the way back in there and risk being that it’s aluminum.

I don’t really want to slide a tool back in there. We’re going to use a glue pulling method and I think first off, I’m going to start with a, I was going to say a little tiny tab, but I’m not start with just this tab right here with only a little bit of glue on it and we will see what we get out of just the center of that put that there give it a nice push and it’s fairly cold out guys.

I’D say it’s about 55 to 60 degrees out cars in a garage, but obviously the door is open, so I’m going to pull pretty quick and I would love to say what, if that was a 1:1 puller right, but no we’ve still got a little hood dent there to repair. A lot of it came up. Actually, a lot of that hood dent came out. We’re going to go for another couple little pulls with this and, like I say, I’m more worried about the paint breaking than anything else, so I’m going to just be really careful with it, pull it pretty quick.

I want the glue to stay on the car like that, so that when I pull it off, I’m just pulling off there and now I might not be able to get that last little bit out but being the super perfectionist that I try to be, I might have to get in there with a tool. This is third pull. I mean you guys are seeing everything on this one so gets right in on it, make sure my feet are nice and clean? Ah slowly there we go nice little snap.

As I say slowly, I pull quickly funny, that’s moving it. I mean a lot of it is being moved. I think I’m just going to go with the patient’s route and keep on trying one more little poll here see if I can get the center of that up If you know this, I’m not waiting too long for this glue to cool either because it is so cold out nice pop just a teeny bit, so that is a little bit moving a little bit glue there slowly, but slowly, let’s see if we can get a little tiny piece of glue in that center. There’s a Keco, clear tab, we’re using little lifter.

I don’t want to use the slide hammer on this one when I don’t have to, plus this lifter holds the area down while it’s pulling it up around it. So, it’s kind of what you want for the aluminum. A lot of that dent has come out guys. I am happy how this hood dent repair job is coming along. So, I think what we are going to do on this one is I’m going to I’m going to get my tool in here and maybe take out that last little bit with my tool, I might make a couple more pulls with the blue. It seems like it’s trying, but it’s just not getting there one more here, real quick, but I think what we’re going to do is open up this hood get my sneaky-sneaky in there and a long skinny tool and I’ll show you the access that I have on the inside and the access that I basically don’t have because it’s kind of tight in there and we will try to get this last little bit of this stand out, I don’t know, I mean I kind of want to tap it down into a more wider debt here and do another couple polls before I do that and then what I’ll do is, if I got a setup for prop the hood open and get my tool in there and have the light in a different or a little bit lower like that, and I will come back to you guys and show you what we got underneath this hood.

Keep reading for more Tesla hood dent repair tips. It goes all the way up here. I tried accessing it from right here and getting a skinny up there, not because of the curvature and the angle of the hole didn’t want to bend any of this metal didn’t really want to slide a tool all the way in here because of these wills. If you see there’s some there’s some inner bracing in here, so we got her down to as far as we could with the glue pulling system, I’d say we brought it to half, I mean we got it in in half.

Let me drop this from the hood. How do you drop a Tesla? We got it as much as we could with the glue pulling system. The nice thing is that we didn’t, you know, break any of that paint off. It does look like it does have a little fracture in the clear coat. I got to that point that it wasn’t lifting, and it felt like it was wanting to pull the paint more than the metal.

So, I was like sketchy, let’s stop, but here’s the other hood dent that I was going to talk to you about and show you and do right here. We’ve got it pretty nice and warm it’s a little door, ding a little bodyline crease on the edge of the bend there and I think, before I start pushing on it. I’ve got Bertha in the door in the grommet here, and I’ve got my board and my heat on it before I do any pushing, I just want to. I just want to hit right about these guys.

Let me move my hat around for you and we’ll call this video a doubled enter, but I just want to break this brow down a little tiny bit just that much not even much more than that, and I will say I do appreciate everybody that clicked on this video, I really do if you guys want to hit that subscribe button feel free. We sure appreciate it. We love to see when the community grow and people are all having fun and learning stuff. Okay. So let me carefully climb into this car and find my tool which looks like it’s down about right here and I’m using the fog.

I don’t know if you guys are using the lines or not, but I’m going to come right into the center and basically just baby. That thing out got my tribe and Bertha on it and the angle isn’t perfect. Well, maybe I need to move the board a little, but now I’ve got a really good angle on the backside of that yeah. So I’m going to work, the backside of it and come towards me just right on that body line. Some real slow pushes guys yeah.

I showed the dent to the customer he’s happy with it he’s happy with the hood dent repair and likes it a lot a lot more than it was, but I’m such a perfectionist I’ll never be happy with it. It’s not just one of those things and when I’m down here on the ground, I got the right angle, but they don’t have the right push. So now I get up here and I have a lot more leverage. I’ve got my knee into my arm. That’s stabilizing!

Bertha and holding it, and now I’m just right there, no it’s going to get hard for you guys to see or not come in a little bit more with the board. It gives me a little bit more angle and I think I’m going to go come up to that top side and start working the top a little bit if you see where I’m at there right on the top edge – and I have rolled down the window on This car, it doesn’t roll down too far. It does give me an angle, but I figured pushing against a piece of glass or pushing against a piece of metal I’d rather push against a piece of metal, I’m going to break it get right back into that area. This one’s kind of intricate guys it is a high level difficulty dent, but I’m trying to just make it look easy. Take my time and just real slow pushes we’re getting at that point that it’s getting hard to see and I want to get a little bit more angle on it and if you notice what I’m doing here, I’m wiping off the car a little bit before I move my board because I only want to put my board on a clean spot, obviously for better grip, but I don’t want to put my board on a dirty spot and have it make a make a mark ring a dirt. oh that’s hot, and now I’m seeing just that last little bit guys. So let me just dial right in and get oh pushing the button to on the seat.

I’M just going to dial right in and get the rest of this out. The heat is kind of a must on a body liner again on a red car like this one and I’d say we’re at that 90 percent mark, but I’m going to get it as far as I can so this last little bit of low here might actually Take me five or ten minutes, so I don’t know if we’re going to stay in it the whole time I’m getting pretty close here, but I do want to just really go into Zen mode and take my time and get the last bits out very nicely Because I see there’s just a tiny bit of body line, crease right there might even want to get back on it with a little bit of this tap there. We go that straightens, it out a lot, and then I think what we’re going to do because we’re just going to check the battery time on this one we’ll come back to you guys and show you the end clean result in just a bit: hey guys. We only got about one percent left on the battery.

We want to show you what the end result was on that one came out: pretty nice tiny little scratch and not a scratch, but a stuff in the paint showed it to the customer. They’re super happy with it other than that it just you know, came out the way we wanted it to. I would say to that 95 to 99 percent. Mark didn’t want to make that last little push in the center because I didn’t want to risk cracking the rest of that crack open or breaking that paint open. But I hope you guys enjoyed this Tesla hood dent repair video.

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