paintless dent removal kit

Paintless Dent Removal Kit | DIY

If you want to remove your dents from home you can try a paintless dent removal kit.  You can purchase these kits from Amazon or you can get a professional kit from a paintless dent removal shop online.  For more information, watch the video about paintless dent repair.

Video Summary

So, this other day I parked my car in a parking lot to run my errands only to return a couple of hours later and find two sharp dings on my car. Even worse there wasn’t any note. Imagine the rage! After debating for a while whether to have it fixed, leave it the way it is, or fix it myself, I went with the latter and gave it a go. After a bit of research, I found out the process that could work out fine.

One cool thing about it even if it doesn’t succeed it was comforting to know that it will not affect the paintwork. This paintless dent removal kit I bought from Amazon comes with a glue gun, a bunch of glue sticks, a few pullers, a pulling bridge, and a scraper. I provided the link in the description below if you’d like to get it. First step in the process is to clean the dent and apply the glue on the puller and then stick it on the effect to the area for about 5 seconds until it holds. Give it two to five minutes to dry and apply the bridge and twist the knob until it pops. The Pop can be hard and a bit explosive so be ready for that. And basically, this process is repeated until the dent is fully gone. As a side note, if you’re doing this where there is no power outlet nearby you can use an inverter that plugs into the DC power outlet of the car and converts the DC voltage to an AC that’s suitable for the glue gun.

I have also left a link in the description below for this inverter. One of the issues with the repetition is that the threads in the puller get worn out with time that turning the knob doesn’t basically do anything after a while. In this case, a sharp pull by holding the bridge come to the trick. After several pulls there is clearly some improvement and the dent look a lot better. In this specific case, what made the process exceedingly difficult is the fact that the dents are on the body line and they’re very deep and sharp. I, thus, decided to bend the puller so that it fits the profile of the body line. This gave a good contact with the dent surface and improved the grip of the glue After several pulls, I’m pleased with the final result. Obviously, the dents are not 100% gone but unless one looks for them they are basically invisible and I can say that if the dents were on a flat body panel, the results would have been even better!

I hope you enjoyed the video and remember removing dents can be challenging and you get what you pay for when buying a paintelss dent removal kit.

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