How to Remove Fender Dent

How to Remove Fender Dent

Learn how to remove a fender dent outside in the cold weather. Not all fender dents can be removed in your shop and you’ll need to use tips.

Video Summary

Hello world PDR, coming at you in another rainy wintery day with a Mazda 3. We have it heated up to about 116-120, while some parts are getting pretty hot. Let’s step it back a little bit. Let me move my hat and I’m going to come in right here I got my number one tool and I’m just going to baby, this little Dan out super quick call this you know I mean. Hopefully, let’s call this a one-minute video if we can dial this dent right in the center, I’m on that body line, I’m actually using the white fog on my board in case anybody is wondering what I look at as I do a dent.

Now I’m pushing right in the center of that little first pocket. That’s on the body line right here and then I’m going to walk it on down into the center of that teardrop of a dent. Hopefully, you guys got a good visual. That was a kind of a strong push right there, but there was even a little scuff on this dent that I buffed out. So, this thing already looks way better. Let me get a little tighter here and at this point in the videos, when I say I sure do appreciate everybody that clicks on the video, I really do if you would hit that subscribe.

Keep reading for more tips on how to remove a fender dent. I sure appreciate that it helps out the channel a lot we’d love to see the channel grow community getting larger, but now I’m just kind of making some filler pushes in the middle to bring up the rest of this. I know I got that one high spot and now that thing is hot, so let’s tap down that high spot right here, sharpie right here that I wanted to get out still kind of warm. Let’s get it back to warm again and sneak in here underneath with my number one tool and basically just bring up the rest of that little low right there. So that’s how we do it a quick little how-to.

The heat is one of the key factors on this one, and I won’t even say that this one came out. Honored percent, I mean it came out fairly clean. Now that I’m looking at the fog here, I can see I’ve got a couple littler areas. I have to do, but this is one of those dents it’ll probably go in the free list, just because the initial dent on this car was much larger and we made a video on that. One makes sure you check it out, but I’m just tightening up the rest so that I can tap this down and call it good. Let me see here: I’ve got this little high on the top after I get this out now that it’s looking pretty nice gosh.

That’s it was a small dent to start with. Don’t get me wrong, huh not trying to toot a horn, but it came out real nice and now I’m right back up on top of it, just cleaning up that top edge, where I want those lines to straighten up, straighten up lines, straighten up and fly right. Okay, here we go and then on the bottom right, where I needed to be right on the scuff itself, move this stuff out of the way yeah. It’s got a little pocket right here for you and most people appreciate that a lot. I hope you enjoyed this video on how to remove a fender dent.

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