How to Get Dents Out of Trunk Lid

How to Get Dents Out of Trunk Lid

Do you want to know how to get dents out of the trunk lid? Make sure to check out this video and you can learn how to remove your own dents.

Video Summary

Hello world PDR, coming at you here with a 1991 500 e Mercedes and how to get dents out of the trunk lid. I can’t even say he’s a customer anymore he’s just a friend now, after being a customer for 13 years, my oldest best customer – and I just heated this thing up – let’s see what it’s at 106, so I’m going to take number one and I’ve got this thing. All taken apart, braced up, it’s pretty stable and I cannot use the glue pulling system on this older of a repainted car. And if you see what we’re working on we’re working on this stamped right here and it’s like a three-and-a-half-inch moon crease from something hitting the trunk lid.

Now, actually, I’m going to come in underneath on this side, and if I don’t have the right angle, I can always grab ratty my ratcheting tool. I’m going to start in the very back edge here guys. So, we’ve got the Zen music playing. I thought I’d bring you guys in for this one. It’s a beautiful day kind of muggy out here in the great Pacific Northwest and I’m metal-to-metal. I tried getting the soft tip in there and I can’t it’s just too tight. Glasses are getting kind of weird and foggy. Let’s take those off and I am using the fog on this. I don’t know if you guys are using the lines or not I’m using the fog, the backup fog, if you look real close there’s another dent right up here, that we’re going to have to do also so there’s two little dents on this trunk lid and I’m Just coming in and giving it the nice little twisty movement under this brace with literally the side of my tool, it’s going up like this, holding it in place and making tiny little pushes the ones that you cannot see when you take off the board and hopefully all will blend into the orange peel of the lay down of this paint. It’s not that I can’t glue pull on this. It’s just that! I don’t I don’t know when it was painted, or you know how good of a paint job they put on it. So, I’m not going to trust. Anything that I don’t have you know.

Direct knowledge of this car was painted at a certain shop five years ago and they do a certain type of job that I know I can glue pull on this thing. Just it has what looks to be a semi fresh coat of paint for what thirty-year-old car, something like that getting up there real nice car, though, and now I’ve got to change my board angle, because you can see that this I mean I probably should have started Off with that kind of angle, anyway, you see how the football kind of goes with the line, and maybe I can straighten up my board a little bit to give me a better straighter on reflection. That’s right through that yeah and I see the valley. I need to work, it’s just kind of got a weird and go for me, so I just come in here real slow.

I think what I want to do now is grab the heat gun again on the cord and at this point in the videos, when I say I sure, do appreciate everybody that clicks on this video, I really do whether you’re trying to do it for entertainment or Whether you’re actually trying to learn, you know this to do something. That’s going to better, your life, that’s uh! That’s really heartwarming! To hear some of the stories in the comments that say you know, you’ve helped me change my life and now I’m doing this. For a living, that’s really cool, I’m not trying to train anybody. I sure hope nobody goes out there and tries to do with dantana nice Mercedes and say I learned from a guy on YouTube. But what I do is I just try to give my knowledge and share with the world. What I know if you guys appreciate it, you love it then hit that like button, you know. That’s all we ask for we love it.

When people share with their friends, you know I don’t have little Stan there’s no way. I could put a thing. Oh, on that note quick little shout-out to get a grip, because I spoke to Matt from get a grip and he might be sending me out some toys, some suction cup arm-mounted for the heat gun, which is a tool that I really need. We’ve actually been looking around and out of synchronicity. He just called me and said you might send me some stuff my way, so we might be doing a complete unboxing video one on the gun of get a grip products and then maybe endless videos while using them so very cool guy.

There shout out to him and right now, I’m whoa, I almost just Zen mode it out and stop talking and just, but I know what I got to do. I got to get that line tight a little bit more of an angle, might even back it off a little bit yeah. Let’s do it, let’s back it off I’d, say three inches to get a wood grip off. It has these little nubs on the side. You just lift up the nub and it just pops it right off and then, when you put the woods grip on you, don’t just punch it once or twice you punch it once or twice till it’s tight and then make sure it’s tight, because that’s a big Heavy piece of equipment – it’s not super heavy, but with that battery on it is – and now I can really see I’ll – probably use the black lines for this.

It’s still warm fairly warm, let’s give it another 10 seconds of the heat gun just goes in this most. I wouldn’t say severe point, but in the sharpest part of it I want to get it nice and warm none of that paint is going to crack. None of that metal is going to make any weird pushing marks if it’s nice and hot so yeah. I don’t know how long this video is going to be, but I think if we can do this one and maybe even that one out there, we’ll have an entertaining little bit of footage, probably at 105 106 on the heat there, and I am going to come Right in back side run it up and then run down this little Valley. Let’s see if I can get that back side, real, quick, first out there, which is at the edge of the brace weird area. I wouldn’t even say this – is a high level of difficulty. Dent it’s just a kind of a pain in the butt, with the taking everything apart strapping up the hood open, knowing your leverage, knowing your points of entry because once I can get in into it, I’m pretty much all over it like this yeah.

Keep reading to learn how to get dents out of trunk lid. You won’t hear any weird background noises when I was in almost in Zen mode. That’s kind of somebody was a. I was talking to a customer about that the other day in it. It is almost like a you go into a meditative state when you just know that that metals got to be flat and it might need to be pushed a hundred times. Well, it’s not like oh gosh. I got to push a hundred times on this metal. It’s more like Zen mode out and then just start making. It happens a lot of the times by the you know, 50 or 60, a –. The push starts to flatten out a lot. This is starting to come together nicely for what it was. I mean we’re also we’re talking about a 91 that you guys these tents on this trunk are the only dance on this car. So, this thing is like darn near perfect. I wouldn’t be surprised if it only had 50,000 miles on it.

It is a real nice car, so let alone for one of the nicest people in the world yeah, it’s good, it’s coming together, but it’s not going to be down a little bit on a tighter angle. Just that – and you saw, I only moved the board – maybe a half an inch down gives me so much of a tighter angle. I could move the board back if I wanted to, but this weird angle, and now I see the big football shaped, crease show back up almost to the point where I want to grab the heat gun again and get it warm, but it’s coming together. It’s coming together. Nice, I don’t know, haven’t even set a price on this dent honestly, so, instead of asking to what I charged for it guys leave in the comments what you think, I should charge for a dent like this moon-shaped two and a half to three inch crease on the top of a trunk lid of the Mercedes repaints can’t be used glue and the expectation level on this dent, sadly, to say that this customer is, if not as picky as me, probably pick here I mean and that’s what I love about him is that he knows what I can do and what I can’t do, and sometimes he brings me a you know, a crushed Airstream check that video out that was done, 10 feet behind me and, and I still pushed the dent out of an aluminum Airstream that was kind of A faith thing he’s like I got faith in you, but this one’s coming out nice, I mean if we can get this to the point that that I can’t find it well the board still on the trunk, and I can only find out where the boards, maybe Ten or fifteen feet away from the car, then I think that’s going to be that 95 percent sufficient.

You know once again this is not a show car, but it could almost be with the way it’s so nice and clean. So, I think what I’m going to do here guys is I’m going to finish? Well, gosh, I’m almost finished. I got to finish off the rest of this little Valley here and I think what we’ll do is we’ll finish off this one. Get it looking really nice and then bringing in for that one and do them both on the same video in just a bit: okay, guys! Well, here’s what we ended up with and no we have not done this little one in the back, but this one up in front. I think it came out. Let’s not make another dance either. I think he came out pretty darn nice.

Let’s just put the board up on it and look at it with what we have yeah, we’ve got it all real nice. The customer already saw it and super happy with it and took a little while I’d, say 45 minutes total on this one. But I know that this little one now and I know how the metal is going to move this little one right here is probably only going to. Take me about 10 or 15 minutes. I hope you enjoyed this video on how to get dents out of trunk lid. If you guys liked what you saw hit us up with that like button and share it on all your social medias, we’re on all of them pretty much and other than that I’ll just save the thing this has been PDR and I’m out peace.

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