Car Door Ding Repair Tutorial

Car Door Ding Repair Tutorial

Need to learn car door ding repair? Make sure to watch this car door ding repair tutorial for PDR tips and tricks.

Video Summary

Hey: what’s up everybody, my name is Mike Toledo and I am going to be giving you kind of an insight about basically what it looks like when I edited the video of deep dings 101. Now this video, what it’s about or if it’s, if it’s something that you want to know, if it’s you know for you, if you’re having a hard time finding, excuse me finishing your debt, a really deep, dense or pitted deep debts or you’re having a hard time Keeping it clean – or you just want to know more about the line board. This video is awesome. It’s going to be great and it’s an hour and a half long, video three different, deep car door ding demonstrations. I have for you on this and it’s really again about finishing deep dense, because I know a lot of people or get to that certain point and they can’t finish the five ten percent in there. They’re just lost, they don’t know where to go, and I call it the twilight zone because you’re going there.

But you really don’t know what’s going to happen or how much pressure you need to put on or what to look for the type of pattern. And I go step by step in this video and I really try to capture the details in the video, so let’s just go, go right into it now. The first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to show you what it looks like in the line board. Now, if you’ve been watching some of my videos, perhaps on YouTube or already bought some videos of mine, this is going to seem real familiar because of the owl’s. I talked about right in here. I really don’t. Excuse me: don’t want you to pay attention to too much of that when you’re, first learning now what I’m having to talk about our look focus on is the top and the bottom right here, because that’s the fattest area of the debt, but again a lot more Detail into it as you watch this video again, I concentrate a lot on the details about how I want you to see the debt have the camera behind me. I have certain things going on that.

I wanted to feel like you’re there you’re over my shoulder and I’m explaining this, so this is why my tutorials take a long time, because I am very prepared a peculiar about how I want you to view this. I want you to view it just like, as if you were here now. I know I can’t get every shot perfect, but I sure in a heck, try: okay, I shoot in high-definition camera and fortunately you’re not going to be having a high definition or a Blu-ray disc. I will in the future, but I’m just not set up for that right now and I don’t think there’s a big market out there for now, but I will do that down the line, but any how far is I talk about the different tools? I’M using? You know good explanations: how to bring it back up, as you can see here, it’s not quite the way. I want it at this point, but you’re going to see a lot of detail in this video. What else I talk about, I talk about how to set up you, your door.

If you need to drill, and yes, I talk about drilling and yes, I do drill. But excuse me, let me explain something really, quick. Okay, if I have a deep dent – and yes, I have an area where I can get to it from an open area, but if I can’t get that last 5 % as clean as I could, by making an access hole, a clean access hole – and I can Take compared a PHY drill hole and I could take it out 100 percent compared to if I don’t drill a hole and I only leave it I’ll. I can get maybe 95 98 percent, but I didn’t get out hundred percent. I’M going to tell the customer hey in order for me to get this out 100 percent. I would have to make an access hole because that’s the best chances for being a hundred percent gone or I can come through here and not make any holes and you’ll probably be left with 98 percent, because I’m not getting the leverage I need. I might be, using my left hand, getting a different angle and I can’t get that that that quite good leverage and pinpoint accuracy, so that’s the only time I really want to drill.

Obviously I would glue pole something before I drill as well, but on deep pitted pit car door dings you’re, not going to, be able to get that great opportunity and you’re going to have a really hard time. So that’s why I talked about in this video about drilling. I definitely talk a lot about the tools I use talking about. The heat. Stick great tool, great option check it out. You know really like some of the benefits I use with this as well again, another way of showing the deep dent process. What type of tools how to keep your tool protected at all times, a lot of good, good stuff? Okay! So, if you’re having a hard time finishing you’re having a hard time keeping your dent clean or you just want to learn the best way to have it that I know how to do it. This is the way I do it. There’s other ways to skin a cat doesn’t tell everyone else. Then you want to watch this video okay, you’ll want to purchase it and you’ll want to watch it.

Excuse me at least ten times, because what this is going to. Do you ever watching what your favorite movie and you know, anticipate in your head? You know: what’s going to go on and you know you could almost feel like you can be in that movie and act well picture a PDR. This PDR video shows you how to stay in good habit. You watch it 10, 15, 20 times thoroughly, you’re out in the field you’re getting it it’s clicking because you’re seeing it and you’re visualizing what you saw in the video and what you’re portraying into the real world and what you’re doing? Ok. So that’s what it’s meant for! That’s what the video is for, and I think you’ll really like it and get a lot out of it. So again, I’m not going to just play it and show it to you like that. I’M just explaining! What’s in the video – and I might come out with another trailer but basically it’s you know, I’m just going to give you the hardcore, and this is what it looks like when I edited the video and there’s a lot of cool stuff.

Really a lot of cool stuff in here that and I think you’re going to like, and I really explain a lot. I talk pretty much throughout the whole video and give you some pointers and what to look for with the lines in the orange peel. So I hope you enjoy it. I hope you purchase it. Give me some feedback, you like it. You don’t be completely honest. I never hold off my comments on there, so you know be my guest thanks a lot for watching. I hope you purchase it and take care. I hop you enjoyed this video on car door ding repair.

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