How to Fix Dent in Car Door Crease

How to Fix Dent in Car Door Crease

Learn how to fix dent in car door crease. Watch this video for more PDR tips and tricks for fixing a car door crease dent.

Video Summary

Hello YouTube: we got a 2012 Nissan Rogue driver’s door. Let me focus into that dent. It’s right there, it’s about a three-inch crease! You see it running through the board right there first thing I’m going to do. Am I’m going to start tapping on this? A little bit before I bring this bottom out actually going to just start it right now, I’m going to do is grab my hand being that it’s silver highly metallic me wants to crack more than any other a little bit of that out and get right in Behind it, I can’t do here it’s I know, but you know I got a dial in buddy, okay, and so now you can get that angle right where I’m at I’m starting on the bottom edge of this Dan here and I’m actually just going to work.

The body line out first, you know the board only goes to the body line. What’s that weird only goes to the body line. Okay, let’s move the board yeah! You see that better there you go they’re going to fit okay. So now I’m going to kind of one hand this jab, I’m just going to find that bottom edge so we’re and I’m right there actually where’s my little tapper I’ll show you I’m going to work, this edge all the way up here and I’m finding just that Low in the center right there – and you can see that my arm is I’m not making severe, pushes I’m basically just lifting up on this handle with my two fingers and when I get that tension, I push forward a little bit to get that push.

So, it’s kind of a wedged angled push, and now I’m up here on the top edge and I’m just going to, follow it up and dial it in real nice little movement there. Sometimes I have to use both hands to well. You should always use both hands to actuate your pushes I’m just using one hand because I’m filming, but here we go. I don’t know if you can see this tightening up, but I’m going to finish up this middle line. I guess when I started off doing dance this dance alone would take me about an hour and a half, and now it takes me about five minutes. It’s just time and experience. I don’t know if you can still see that in that little triangle of my arm there, okay a little bit now.

What we’re going to do is what we call cross-checking. If you look into this again, you can see there is a little scuff, but what I want to do is I’m going to cross-check it so that I can look right down that line and see if there’s anything at a different angle, it looks like it’s pretty Flat, so I’m going to come back to this angle even farther out and yeah. Now I see a little bit more of a wave that has to be yeah. It’s right here. Do you see that see if you can run the camera right here? Where my hand is because that’s how my head seen the board is too much a little bit better. Now we’re looking at right there, I’m going to, get the right angle on the board so that it matches that line a little bit more of an angle, and then you can basically see right where that line breaks out.

My tool is still in the door, so I’m ready to start pushing right here, bring this whole little low up and then we will be looking good. I don’t know if I’m going to block your view here, but I’m going to just get right in on it. Make a series of fairly strong pushes nothing, that’s showing anything they’re all the size of the orange peel itself, and that’s how you know you’re making good solid pushes is when the orange peel is not distinctive. You can’t distinguish between what was a push and what is a piece of orange peel. That’s how small you have to leave it now, I’m going up to the top edge right here where it’s the widest and I’m just going to run it from the top edge down, find that little tiny low really want to dial into up there and then slowly Work it down little bit left right up in here, and this is where the board really comes in handy knowing where the finite little lows are, because this board shows everything and when I pull it off, it’s visibly gone.

You captured an enable on it. Hmm, let’s see if we see anything, oh, I still see a little bit with that finer ankle. I see a little bit of dent left and I don’t even know that if we come back with a final result, if it’ll look any, if you’ll be able to tell the difference, I mean we’ll see it here. going to actually get that little scuff off I’m using the best compound in the world. It’s called perfected by 3m yeah. It looks like that. Okay, now we’re going to dial right into the top. I wouldn’t say impatient, I’m just going to say fast. I’M going to make some fast pushes and because this is such a such a slight area that I really am just making baby pushes and we’re tightening it all up.

It almost looks like I’m pushing too much you know by when you, when you see it’s almost out and then I’m still pushing for you pushing I’m right here, we’re right here. Okay – and this is your last little low now that I see – we’ve got a little bit of a high to be able to tap down at the very end and it’s a little cut, pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to catch it on camera. So, I’m just going to tap it right here and flush it out. That’s the Bob rouse! Okay, guys, I think we’re getting pretty close to this one. I do have one on the front. Fender I’ll probably make a video of, and now let me see that here we are see if we can get a good line on it. The dent was right. Let’s back up zoom in and focus.

Oh, was that far back okay, so let’s zoom in and focus it’s still there a little tiny bit! You see that it’s weird how I can see it through the camera better than no. I could see it real life to here. If you want to hold this really quick, I’m going to finish that and if you can actually stuff in okay, let’s see where’s Ben right here yeah. I can’t get that low with the bull. Okay, okay! Well, you can go around and see the other side of me and see the strategies, the windows yeah. I mean basically we’re to the finite point that well yeah, I’m right here, but it would be really tough to get a visual of what I’m doing right now. This might be that stuff that somebody’s going to have to have the actual over-the-shoulder training to see the finite pushes on a finished result, but as far as what we’re looking at guys, here’s what we got we’ve got the end result on the dent and let me Look at it with that natural lighting.

Now there is a little wave to it. I see that wave yeah and I see that wave and just barely I see that wave, let’s uh, if you stand right here, pretty sure you can get it, and this is your fingers in front of it. This is where we get down, I’d, say about 10 or 15 pushes I could make it’s such a tight angle when you get down to the end. That is that you basically have to have your face on the car like here and you’ll, be able to see the very finest of angles, usually when somebody’s looking down a car or looking to buy a car or looking at a new car that they’re going to buy they’re not going to stick their face on it to see if there’s any dents. So, if I can get him out to the point that the basic wave looks just like the orange peel itself, then basically it’s indistinguishable, and this is an older car yeah. I don’t know if you actually saw the front end right here, but it had a little previous work on it.

That wasn’t done that. Well, we’re going to do what we can from this door, though I’ll make it right, because it needs to come out good and I’d, say. Oh I’d, say another 10 to 20 seconds of me pushing now down here, and I won’t yeah. That looks really good. Let me just give you guys a final look: ski doodle there’s the natural light right through it. Now, let’s find a board put the board through it. Now it’s tough to focus, let’s focus here there we go. It looks pretty good. Like I always say, it’s the difference between a dent and no dent it’d be extremely difficult for somebody to find that I think there is maybe a 2 % wave there. That’s still kind of visible to a show car eye, but I think we did good for the old 2012 Nissan Rogue. If you guys like what you see, make sure you hit that like button and feel free to subscribe, it’s always free and you get to see when I got new content coming out. I hope you enjoyed this video on how to fix dent in car door crease. Petr signing out peace.

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