How to Fix a Dent in a Car Fender

How to Fix a Dent in a Car Fender

Learn how to fix a dent in a car fender by watching this car fender paintless dent repair video. Learn tips and tricks to remove dents.

Video Summary

Hello world, PDR coming at you here! Lets learn how to fix a dent in a car fender. OWW! i just put, my knee on that rock. and we got a 2015 fiat 500 cute little blue racecar sporty, sporty car, and I’ve got, my, wedge up underneath the plastic Shield right here little Plastic guard so I can actually get number one right up underneath there you guys know I’m not going to do that yet because First things first, we need to take down a little bit of this brow And a little bit of this brow, so let’s get right into it and I’ve been I’ve been, using, this rubberized It’s been working good but I think I’m just going to dial sure do appreciate all you, guys clicking on the video I really, do If you, want hit that subscribe button in the notifications bell it really helps out the channel So, yeah this one is a fairly severe body line dent went right through there and had a little scuffing and I buffed out the scuff when I definitely know I didn’t give the customer a hundred percent perfect, but I think we’re, going to be Our time with, this brow.

A little bit down and not just for sound dampening but more for the tension if I wanted to give it that Then I’d use something a little bit more like, this get right in the center, and give it kind of On that ridge but I think what we’re going to do is we’re going to take the new tool that I don’t know if we’ve? used before and Basically find this spot And I don’t really, want to go top-down, on it I’m going to kind of just come right into the middle and make, some baby, pushes right through the middle here and these, soft tips definitely help, move the metal I Would normally probably have a heat gun on this get it nice and warm but guys it’s about 75 degrees out it’s nice and warm out I don’t have, any, fear of this paint breaking right now It’s more or? Less just get the dent out nice looking even and just align right through the middle there into kind of the fog area we’ve got a little bit different of an angle now and I’m? Coming right through here and I’m going to work, my way all the way down that little valley let’s come, on down that valley and Make, some happy little pushes Real nice car for a real nice guy, this is going to come out real nice did I say nice enough yet Cool, there we go, we got, some more out of there I was going into my quiet zen mode and I Know a lot of people say I should probably have, some music or something in the background and honestly I like Working with music rather than being in silence So I’m going to have to figure out, what You tube’s sensitive material or you tube’s worthy, music I can, use that I actually like so and now.

Guys we’re right here on this front edge and I’m actually just working that Body, line with this rubbery, tool it’s a Da to say it after 21 20 years of 21. Years of doing dents This is the first year I’m using this screw on rubberized tip and Gosh, I feel, dumb for not having it for 20 years because what a great tool props the dent craft and Now that bottom edge is looking real nice so let me do a, little, what, we call cross-check I even know That you guys can, still see the brow a lot But I’m going to kind of look at it from a different angle Now I see a little bit more down here I see that brow.

Just pinches mightily, through the middle there and What I want to do is just kind of break it on down? so This is a little bit of finished work that I don’t know I mean I guess I could keep you guys In but it would be a little bit longer of the video I’m going to spend About 15 or 20 minutes finishing this thing up I’ll come in for the end result on it and show You, what we got into it? Okay, guys, we’re back I’m going to, basically tap down some of these little tiny, highs I’ve got a lot of that out A little bit of a. Brow, left tap down, some of these little tiny and I’d say at this point you know, we’ll probably at that 70 to 80 percent mark but we’re going to get all this stuff out right here and all this stuff out right here I don’t know if you, guys have a visual on it Starting to look really darn nice now and I think I think I might even switch to my number one I Want to give it another Take a look, through there give it another little tap right On this tightest point, which I’m just trying to find Sometimes I’ll take, more time trying to find, my point then actually doing the work, when I do find? my point a couple little tips I have to do but I Have to really, make sure those taps are in the right spot See how, finish this finish work is really tougher even for me to see But this is the stuff that greatly increases the look, right here it’s starting to really look nice now And then will literally be left with just a dent Sounds funny, we started with but, no, we started with two dents and Three or four brows a big brow on top and then one down through the middle and then the one that goes right Through, the body line, is kind of a compound so Let’s get this little thing out right here come out super nice Just, going to, grab number one on this one get in here and make the finite pushes that I need to Remember that that fell so I don’t give myself the angle I need I See the little upside-down, smiley face so I’m going to come in right here And boom this is going to end up looking real nice At this point is when I say? Yeah thank you guys for sticking around for this little bodyline is super nice little fiat 500 bright blue Goes, well with our bright blue, sky, today with almost not a cloud in the sky Beautiful day in the great northwest and This is coming together quite nicely I think After I get now, let’s get right here on this body line, and I’ll show You, what we’re going to, do to finish this up this is metal and a metal sharp tip I’m using, my number one and my fulcrum is The, my inner knuckles My, outer knuckles are pushing into the tire and the inner knuckle is grabbing this metal and if I pushed Basically two or three times as hard I’d break My fingers it’s not fun but I have to I have to have my fingers be the give because I don’t want Excuse the background noise, by the way but I don’t want Like if I was pushing up against something solid it would be very easy to meet for me to make a High spot I won’t want my fingers to actually be the give so I feel the pain, is what makes me stop pushing Like on this, one right here I’m literally to push it right into my palm of my hand Grabbing that tip coming down at the bottom I can, only get to about right here But that’s fine that’s all I need to get to? There’s the bottom of that dent let’s finish it off Kind of a longer one I don’t know.

Keep reading for more tips on how to fix a dent in a car fender. I think maybe we’re at the eight- or nine-minute mark on this I don’t know Where we’re at but We’re, going to, make, sure this dent comes out as nice as possible wow that’s starting to look really good on the bottom edge, now I’m going to, bring it up to the top take one more look and after I cross, check it Yeah, I’m going to look at it this way take out this little low. And then I’ll come back and cross-check and Do, some banging on that brow I’ll show. You guys, what I’m talking about here in about ten or fifteen seconds getting very nice and straight up here on the top edge, also I Like to see it I like it when a? dent comes together Old 1980s movie or tv reference right there Danton enter Okay, here let me show. You what I’m talking about So when you move back a little Yeah, I still see the top edge of that right there but No, problem guys that’s something that I can just basically find bang that out I Think, we’re at this Look, like it doesn’t, and I also want to be? There we go I think that little line is almost out yeah, like I say I might have a little tap-in to do off of off of camera just, because I’m totally zen where are you it’s right here yeah Other than that let’s take, off this board and see what, we ended up with Yeah, I can pull that Put that all the way, back in seal it around Make, sure it’s sealed, make, sure it’s flat there’s one little edge that’s bowed out somewhere line tool, went in that’s straight No, there’s still a little brother, guys I’m going to work on it a little bit more actually Come back just a little bit, okay, guys, we’re, back, here’s the end result on this one? I’d say still see a little bit of a brow There’s a tiny bit and if I wanted to get super picky there’s a tiny little bit of a brow.

Right here I could literally tap on it for another half an hour and it would probably, still look, exactly, like that but Yeah, I think he came out real nice thanks for sticking around, with, me through this longer of a video if you, want to hit that like button on the way out sure helps out the channel and Otherwise this has been PDR in a mouthpiece. I hope you enjoyed this video on how to fix a dent in a car fender.