Paintless Dent Repair Tools: The Most Common

Take a look at some of the most popular paintless dent repair tools made by different manufacturers in the PDR market.  The top manufactures in paintless dent repair tools are Dentcraft, Anson PDR and Keco just to name a few.  Below you will find images and descriptions of common paintless dent repair tools.

PDR Whale Tails

Most whale tails are manufactured by Dentcraft Tools. Dentcraft also has a wide variety of PDR dent tools for sales.

PDR Tips

Most of these tips are from manufactured by Edgy Tools.  Edgy Tools does sell other PDR dent tools but their main focus seems to be on PDR tips.

PDR Glue

Most glue is sold/created by Anson PDR.  Almost all PDR business sell an assortment of glue and other paintless dent repair tools.

PDR Hail Rods

These hail rods that you see are from Dent Stuff, PRD Finesse and Carbon Tech. 

PDR Glue Guns

The main seller of glue guns are sold by Elimadent.  Elimadent also sells PRD lights.

PDR Glue Tabs

The glue tabs shown below are from Anson PDR, Black Plague and Keco.

PDR Door Tools

Most of the tools shown before are from Carepoint tools.  Most PDR businesses sell a variety of paintless dent repair door tools.

PDR Hood Stands

Most PDR business make/sell hood stands.  Shown before are from Ultradent, TDN and PDR Finesse.

PDR Carts

These paintless dent repair carts are sold from Ultradent, Willey Quick and TDN Tools.

PDR Slide Hammers

These paintless dent repair tools are sold by Dentcraft, B&D and Keco.

PDR Hangers

There are multiple PDR businesses that make hangers or straps such as Carbon Tech, PDR Finesse and Tequila.

PDR Window Tools

You can purchase most window tools from all PDR businesses.  Shown below are window shields and wedges.

PDR Blending Hammers

Blending hammers are sold by Druz Tools, Ali-Tools and lots of other retailers. 

PDR Hot Boxes

These hot boxes are manufactured by Power PDR and Betag.

PDR Mini Lifters

Mini Lifters are an essential paintless dent repair tool that can be bought anywhere online or at retail stores.

PDR Brace Tools

Most brace tools can be found at Dentcraft Tools and Anson PDR.

PDR Accessories

These PDR accessoires shown are hole plugs, door props, tip holders and more.

PDR Picks

Picks are a most have when working with aluminum and can be bought at most PDR stores.

PDR Knockdowns

The knockdowns shown below are from Dentcaft, Edgy Tools, Willey Quick and VIP Tools.

PDR Hole Straightener

These are the most popular hole straighteners on the market. 

PDR Lights

These PDR lights are manufactured by Elimadent, DNE and Pro Solutions.

There are plenty of other great paintless dent repair tools that you can choose from as these are just examples.  If you have any questions or would like to add a new product to this list, please let us know.  If you want o learn more about paintless dent repair tools, make sure to read this article about PDR Glue.