Tesla Dent Repair Tutorial

Tesla Dent Repair Tutorial

Learn how to remove dents from a Tesla Model S by using paintless dent repair. Watch this PDR video for more Tesla dent repair tips.

Video Summary

Hello, world PDR, coming at you here with a 2015 Tesla dent repair Model S very nice car for a very nice guy, and what we have we got some analyzing to do. This dent was an originally it started here, went all the way down and then dropped straight down. Its and then it has a scuff here, scuff here and then, if you look into the board, we’ve got a linear dent Street. Ah, what is that? That’s vertical right, almost diagonal vertical right there about six-inch crease down here. We’ve got another little edge of a dent. That’s going to need some work. I kind of get the feeling that somebody was on a bike or a shopping cart tipped over. I don’t know, but something went mm-hmm and then obviously you can see. There are some push marks in it, so somebody that didn’t know how to do. Paintless dent repair attempted to fix this, and luckily, they stopped and said you know I don’t want to do any more harm than good.
So, what I’m going to have to do is clean. This up, I’m going to do my best to tap down all of these push marks, basically get it real, warm and you know, take it out. Do the dip properly? Does it right first things?

First, we want to get a little bit of a 3m perfected on it see if some of these little scuff ease will come out because they look like they’re, just surface plastic, and yes, this is an aluminum panel. This is an electric car and it’s you know a real nice car, obviously to take this to a body. Shop would be fairly spendy, and so what we’re going to do is, like I sometimes say, is a band-aid that situation by getting this to that – hopefully 85 to 90 percent mark. But the customers well aware that, because of the previous push marks that it’s not going to be it’s not going to be where I want my level of expectation to end up being. But at this point in the videos, when I’m going to say hey, I sure do appreciate everybody that clicks on the Tesla dent repair video everybody that leaves a positive comment. We love it. We always respond to them. Anybody that leaves a negative one. We just delete them. We don’t got time for it, so what we do is just try to show what we know try to help anybody that wants to learn, or at least wants to get entertained and it’ll go the extra mile on the Tesla emblem, yeah and I don’t ever claim to be the best anchor in the world. I think the best anchor in the world’s name is Shane, and most people know that I just try to have fun every day. Live without stress gain as much knowledge as we can, and you know hey if I can give some away for free all the better, and on that note, I really appreciate anybody that hits us up on the PayPal link. We don’t have a patreon more about the love of the community, so here’s what I’m going to end up doing on this car we don’t have the microphone can hear me just fine excuse me, looking at it Wow, we got some work.

I don’t think I’m going to heat it up for the tap downs, but I’m going to sit here in tap. Tap tap, tap, tap, tap tap for about an hour about an hour seriously guys that’s easily an hour’s worth of tapping, and then what I’m going to do is come back and show you what we’ve got when it’s all back into a dent, and then we will Start like working this crease up to here working this one out here, you know working this little line. I’M definitely going to be spending all day on this job. This is a. I look at this job like infinite. The way that the damage is, I could spend forever on it and never be happy, but I’ve allotted it about eight hours, so we’re going to spend eight hours on it and we’re going to make it super nice. So, I’ll come back to you guys in just a bit and show you what we’ve got after. I start tapping down these little baby pushes okay, guys we’re back with a little bit of an update, and I have not made any pushes, yet we’re still just happened I’ve been tapping the whole time I think about two hours now, I’m just Suns finally starting to come out. It was getting kind of cold, so I went and got the here trying to give you guys a visual. This is the video sake I mean. I know I’ve got one up here, one right here.

Keep reading for more Tesla dent repair tips. Basically, what I’m doing is undoing any prior text work. You know that basically made the pushes and tighten it up in the wrong places, so I have to bring it back into a dent. Luckily, they stopped before they didn’t do anything down here or anything down here. We’re going to make these look really nice and I do see that this one has a double little line on it. That’s pretty stretched, I mean black aluminum panel, but I wanted to bring you guys in for a little update on how we’re looking starting to kind of look like a dent again and then, when we get it to a dent, we can actually start working. So that’s: why attempting to do it or having somebody that doesn’t know how to do it? Does it might actually cost you more time and money and result? You know so it’s one of those things that definitely you don’t want to try at home, especially on a dentist’s this severe and this long, but I think we’re going to end up looking pretty good on this one. If I can get this little area out pretty nice, I know that this area is going to come out nice and this area is going to come out nice, and now that I look down here, it goes all the way down. There’s a little scuff through here, but luckily that scuff came off the paint but thought I’d bring you in for a little bit more tapping, literally I’ve been tapping for an hour and a half, and when I start making my pushes we’ll come on back and show You what we got – okay, guys we’re back I’d, say we’re about halfway through I’ve done a couple of these little creases, not even all the way, not even all the way. I’ve just tightened them up. I’ve still got a dial in there and get them out, but that’s the way that I’m going to get them out, and this is also the way that this one is starting to come out still a little high still some high pushes in there.

I literally tapped him down for like two hours and then when I started making my soft cushions through the top here, it started to close up right about here. We have a lot of work to do. I sure do okay, everybody stick in through this long of again, I’ve switched the AR for Kip on a 24-inch rd. I dint crap tool and I’m just in here babying it really slow. I got you guys in for the toughest part just to show you kind of what I’m doing, I’m taking it so slow. I spent about two hours tapping and then about an hour pushing out some of those other lows, but this is a very, very the highest difficulty anytime. Something has already been messed with and it you didn’t get to take it from the start always makes it like right off the bat twice, the difficulty level.

So, this is like a level ten difficulty dent twice the difficulty level. You know double difficulty how to say that, but very, very tough. So, most of these weird pushes that you’re, seeing or not mine, I think I made one Little Miss push somewhere around here and had to tap it down, but tools slipped on me as you see right now, I’m using my hand as the fulcrum and my thumb is just holding that tool in place, so it doesn’t slip around sideways and the pressure that I’m pushing. I really can’t put more than five or six pounds of pressure before it starts hurting my hand, so good threshold. I use my own pain as a threshold to stop me from making too severe of a push. It feels it, but this is a real, real, slow process guys. I sure, appreciate everybody. That’s stuck through to this point or seen this point and not just skipped right to the end to see the outcome, but you know honestly, like I said to the customer, I don’t think I’ll ever be happy with this outcome, because of the way that the dent Was initially but we’re going to do what we can?

We always do here at PDR. Just do the rails, I mean if we can make this look better and we will and if I work on it all day and still have nightmares on it, so be it. Hopefully the customers happy with because it sure is a nice car and it deserves to look nice, try really hard and I have been keeping the heater on it every once in a while, when I’m making some strong pushes like. I am right now. Oh, that hurts making some strong pushes through the middle. Some of these lines are coming out and once I actually get the rest of this kind of weird tight football area out a little bit more, I can flush off these I’ll come back and show you guys more or the end result in a little bit. But for the meantime, I’m just going to be sitting here and die in for donuts. I know right where I’m at now and I’m like my thumb, is on the inside of this panel. It’s not very warm. I didn’t get it very warm at all and I’m doing some real work here.
Let’s, let’s make some of this dad come out. This is the difference between the pushes that I’m making and the pushes that were initially in it. So, the difference is my pushes. I’M just making them very, very, very soft cushions going as slow as I can, without moving too much metal at one time as the whole trip, because I’m not trying to get the dent out right now, I’m just trying to shallow it. I just want it to be little, tiny pockets that then I can get in there and dial in and push make those tiny little pushes. But if I make them too severe right now, either way we will come back to you guys in just a bit and show you some more progress. Okay, guys, what we are getting close to, I wouldn’t say, ended up with, because I’ve still got probably another hour to just mess around with this little line. This was obviously the worst part of it. This line right here. I straightened up a lot and this line down here.

I straightened up almost all the way I’ll get a little bit more of these little bumps out of this line and straighten that out nice. But this right here is going to, be the problem, so we’re going to do whatever we can to keep it warm tap down any highs that are remaining, and you know, push out any lows that are remaining, but just so you guys know and everybody’s fully aware of this situation, this was a really severe crease guy. This is some stretch metal in an aluminum panel, and I told the customer straight off the bat. There is no way this thing’s coming out a hundred percent, just it’s not, and especially with the previous damage with it. This would be even if it didn’t have that I would call it an 80 % fix because, with our I as a good, you know guy with the dent board and can look it through all the lines and stuff. We know it’s still there, but the difference between getting that big, huge crease out and still having it there. It just takes a little bit more.

We’re going to come back and show you the end result here in just a bit, but I want to do a win for just what I’m doing now got the normal hour for tip put my hand all the way up in here behind it And I’m using the fog and I’m just babying it I’m giving it little 4-pound pushes and you know, working that out getting to keep keeping it real warm. So once again, one more little clip and we’ll come back and show you the end result in just a bit: okay, guys, here’s what we ended up with definitely not great in this area because of the damage that was poor prior, but right here right here we Had three little lines that came out real nice, this one, what we did, what we were aiming for is getting it out without cracking any paint. Obviously – and it was a real severe crease guy. So not only was it an s-shape, but it was super severe and for what we got out of it. We basically straightened up all these little lines and then that little area is kind of a hamburger Swiss cheese. You know horrible a nightmare for a dent guy. This definitely was a nightmare dent all day, but we just did what we could, and I think I gave the customer exactly what I promised here, which was you know we make it not so much of an eyesore, but if you catch the right angle on it, you’re going to see all the work that I had to do, and he said he was fine with that.

Hopefully you’ll be happy when he comes and picks it up, but other than that you know this was just a long day in nightmare land of dents. So, I definitely don’t claim to leave every dent like this. This is. I don’t claim that this is perfect. I don’t claim that this is even good, but if you guys, you know appreciate the work that went into it to make it the way it is. Hopefully the customer does to leave a like. You know. Let me know what you think put a comment down below. What we’re trying to do is just help him stay out of the body shop, which was going to, be about five times the price. So, you know what I wanted to do is just uh, make it, as least of an eyesore as possible and minimize the poor prior from the previous tech that did some bushes on it. So, like I say guys, I wouldn’t even normally take on a dent like this, but I just wanted to do it as a favor for a really good person. I hope you enjoyed this Tesla dent repair tutorial. If you like, what you saw there hit us up with a like and other than that I’ll just say the thing this has been PDR and I’m out peace.

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