Roof Rail Dent Repair

Roof Rail Dent Repair

Learn roof rail dent repair by watching this video on roof rail dent repair. Also learn more PDR tips and tricks to remove roof rail dents.

Video Summary

Alright, hey here, I’m back again with this Ford F-150 we’ve got in. I was repairing a dent in this box side in another video. If you haven’t seen that when you’re done watching this video click above there, this little icon here they’ll. Take you over to that video that we’ve got where we repaired the dent in the box, but this one here. What we’ve got is some roof rail dent repair. So, take you up here and look at this here. What we’ve got – I was showed this in the last video, but you can see all these dings all down the side of this. The customer had said that he thought maybe somebody tried to break into it and pry against it.

They’re very similar to hail dings, but they all have kind of like a crease or a line in them. If you really look close in here, they’re, all so very sharp and typically hail dents aren’t this sharp and they’re not typically have little see. If we can see this one here, they have little gauges in the bottom. So obviously that was from something pushing against them. They’re all kind of sharp kind of like a line typically hails somewhere a little bit rounder. So, this one here is going to take a little bit of work. We may not be able to get all these out exactly 100 % like we typically can just because this metal on these sides is tough. So if you get a really sharp dent like that, might be difficult to get that that bottom of that out of there so we’ll give this one a shot here and let you watch the process on how we’re doing it with the glue pull method going to pretty much run a time-lapse because it’s going to take quite a while to do this so watch how it’s done and we’ll catch you we’re finishing up.

All right, let’s take a look at the roof rail dents that we finished. As you can see, it took quite a bit of work to kind of work back and forth on all these dings and all these little divots little spots there’s a couple. If you look closely, I mean this is getting into the detail with our light and everything some of these that were right on this edge. Look at that right there you can see a tiny little nick, that’s just difficult to pull out, probably could spend another hour on just that little one and maybe get it, but it’s pretty tough. There was another little, tiny one, a couple other ones a little bit closer forward here you can see kind of the edge somebody, obviously pried against the edge is just difficult to get, but obviously we back off here, even looking down the angle of it Here definitely turned out good.

Basically, it just looks a little bit more like some orange peel, obviously in our lights, but I’ll take a look at it outside I’ll pull it out here in a second and we’ll take a look at it. Outdoors you’ll notice, you’re, not going to see anything in there. Obviously, these lights that we use just show a ton of detail, so definitely looked good. Like I had mentioned earlier, we also fixed the box side on this one in a different video back in here. So, look for that video. It’s up in the corner there, you might see a little icon go watch that video you’ll see how we were able to remove the dent in this quarter panel by taking off the taillight and the bed cap there. Alright, thanks for checking out the video here today, if you would like to see more paintless dent repair videos go check out. The channel we’ve got quite a few other videos on paintless dent repair, with glue, pulling or pushing out the dents any of that type of stuff you’d like to see. If there’s anything you don’t seem, you’ve got a question about the process that we use to push out dents without repainting, without fillers, without bondo any of that type of stuff leave it in the comments below we’ll try and work on some of those new videos, and Then go ahead and subscribe to the channel, so you get updates about any new videos that we’ve got coming out. I hope you enjoyed this video on roof rail dent repair. Alright, thanks for watching.

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