Repairing Car Dents and Scratches

Repairing Car Dents and Scratches

Need help learning repairing car dents and scratches? Watch this video in order for you to learn how to repair dents and scratches.

Video Summary

Hello world PDR, coming at you here with a 2015 Toyota Tundra and repairing car dents and stratches video. If you guys see, I got a dent right here along the line of the Extra orange peel that they put down for rock chips sake. And so, I’m going to start at the top, bring you guys in for this one, and hopefully you guys can hear me all right. I do have the microphone on and Thanks. I think this dent might come out quick. So, at this point I’m going to say I Really do appreciate everybody that clicked on this video Hope you guys get entertained, amused or at best case scenario, learn something That might benefit you. Now It’s starting to get tough to see, so I’m going to Give it more of an angle and I’m going to come back over here. I’ll show you guys where I’m at, right in the center of that, and so that means I’m not going to push hard enough for you to see right where I’m at Coming up to the top Edge of it and I’m just using my broken, handle A Little twisty, It was a tool like clutch, but it ended up being broken, handle and broken tip because broke Good tool, and Now I am Fighting to find my way. I want to find my way right into that bottom area. You can hear how it’s kind of moving there we go, that’s where the magic happens.

It’s like, I have to make the twist and then a pry there’s a twist and there’s a pry, and Not do it severe enough That I crack any paint, but also how to move some metal – and this is this – is really Tense down here. This is a bend and it’s right next to another band Right next to a folded over edge. This is stiff metal guys So, but we’re getting it out now.

I’m right dialed in maybe about 10 more pushes so in Essence; this might be a shorter video. You know I wish they were all like this and Truth be told, there’s another dent on this car that we might just take out and make another short video today. I’M along this edge right here of this stuff, and now I can come up into that top area where there’s a little teardrop there and Basically work the rest of that out. Nice and flush. Excuse me right there, I’m actually going to move and move the board. So, we could really see what I’m looking at here. I know if you guys got some visual It’s coming around Oh Yeah. Now I’ve got a little tiny line and a little triangle above it that Honestly to the naked eye, is almost gone. So, Let’s get really tight on it And I’m looking through that fog, I’m just right there right on the top edge of that follow it down Couple nice pushes Let’s make one right next to that, if you guys can see where I’m at Good eye Yeah. I Know right where I’m at and I’m at the point that I’m almost wanting to stop just because I Know how tight it is right in here need lines. Excuse me, these lines are straight, but oh, I just almost pushed it up here, But I also don’t want to make a High spot. That would look funky in this. They put that rough grit down.

Keep reading for info on repairing car dents and scratches.  Just in case you get rock chips down there, it’s prevented from them and Personally in the dent business. If this dent was down here, I’d love it Just. It makes a dent got a good bet; guys job really easy because. You can match up that orange peel Real well if you notice I’m still right here in the center. It was at about that ninety percent a while ago and I’m just being picky Super nice truck super nice guy, we’re going to Do as good as we can, and even if we run over, you know What a minute or two spend an extra couple minutes. I Think that’s worth it Guys, to be honest, never been in it, For the money got in it, because the money was way better than being a receptionist at a dent company, but Yeah most of the time. I’M in this to help people Same thing with the YouTube, not doing it for money.

Just doing it to help people, so if you guys get to learn anything, I think that’s great. We sure appreciate all the comments and now I’m at about ninety five percent on this dent. I am NOT going to forget the cross-check, which means on something I can just lay my board down, make sure that lay it on my section cap and then, as I look down, I see there’s just a little tiny ridge. I Know I can get that Ridge, Low ridge, not high, so stand back a little actually and then Hmm. I want to change my angle here There we are, I don’t know if you guys can see what I’m looking at. It’s almost invisible, but this is where the I Don’t know, high level being the difference between a wholesale level and a retail level. Dent is going this extra mile right here. So That’s what we want to do, and I sure appreciate you guys, sticking around for this little Extra bit, because this is what makes it look nice. Somebody said in a video.

I can’t believe you’re doing dense with those shades on and Yeah. Sometimes I do have to remove the shades just to see where I’m at, because they do help, and sometimes they hurt so yeah both ways with and without the shades, and This is so hard even for me to see you guys, I’m basically right in the middle of that low and I’m ready to call it, I think it looks great. So, let’s take another look down this side. Yeah, I mean right where there is just a tad bit of low is right, where the orange peel changes into this other One. Luckily, that kind of hides the line for me and does help It makes me want to make one more little push, but I really don’t want to, Like I say, make any push marks or crack in the paint I’m going to be really babied. With this right here and Let’s find my spot Okay, It’s also pretty darn thick metal on the bottom of the door there. Maybe it’s just the feet. That’s thicker freaking me out a little bit higher Right into this damp where I do see just a little bit of a low.

It’s tough to see so right here is where I’m going to make about a pusher to Very, very delicate, I’m in Zen mode guys Really carefully, and Now that I can see where I’m at on the sidelines Yeah, we get it. We get it to that. Ninety five percent mark – and that’s what I Tell any customer is Nothing is perfect in this business: It’s not a science, it’s a craft and If I can get it to that, ninety five percent, usually my ninety five percent – is Pretty close to somebody else’s. Ninety-nine And now I just got it up to about ninety-seven – We’re really dialing in Getting this last a little bit out. Ah, almost made er hi spa and we are out here in nature with the birds calling and that’s what I had to do to fill in that area: Mm-hmm, okay, guys. So where is my hammy tapi? And this is what we call Almost the end of the gent here. I’M going to get this little, tiny, growl out That’s about two and a half pounds of pressure. That’s almost the weight of the hammer just dropping, and so with that I think we’re looking pretty darn good start to finish dent to nothing. If you guys liked it. Please hit that like button, if you would and other than that there’s been PDR and I’m out peace. I hope you enjoyed this video on repairing car dents and scratches.

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