Pulling Dents with Hot Glue Doesn't Work

Pulling Dents with Hot Glue

Pulling dents with hot glue doesn’t always work. Watch this glue pulling video and learn when you can and cannot pull dents with glue.

Video Summary

Hey, you want to know why glue pulling won’t work to take out the dent on this hood of this vehicle. Well, let’s take a closer look and I’ll show you why pushing the dent out is the better option. All right, let’s take a look at what the first reason is now you can just barely see this, but we’re going to take a look right at this edge here and right along this edge. Basically, this has the 3m clear bra film on here, and something like this would be damaged with hot glue pulling now if we took our hot glue, pulling tabs and stuck it on here, you know: if you tried to do this and you pulled on it, you would pull This clear film right off and now you’ve got a big hole in it or rip in it or a tear or it’s damaged and won’t stick back down, and then you have to replace it for several hundred dollars.

So, you don’t want to attempt glue pulling whenever you have a clear bra or a film on your car. Now these are common on a hood panel and a lot of times they are on the edge of the fenders, but sometimes you’ll find them on mirrors, bumpers and even sometimes side panels. So, you want to avoid that now. The other reason hot glue pulling won’t always work and, for instance, with this hood is this hood is aluminum, got a magnet here and magnetic business card, and magnets will stick to steel. They don’t stick to aluminum, so not even sticking at all, so we can use hot glue pulling to pull out dents with hot glue in aluminum, but usually the best preferred method is to get behind it and push the dents out.

Keep reading for more tips on pulling dents with hot glue. Alright, look under the hood here. I’ve got the hood pad removed. It just had several little clips on it here to take that down, took that down already I’ve got a hood prop in here and a strap to hold the hood nice and steady. So now it’s not going to move on me when I’m pushing on it. It’s not going to open up. So, it’s a good thing now. This dent is right, underneath this brace up here see if we can get up under here and have you taken a better look, so it’s a little bit under this brace. I must get a skinny whale tail tool that will slide right in between here. There’s just a little bit of room it’ll fit up in there and now get me access right to the dent. Now here’s the whale tail tool that I’m going to be using nice and flat top. It’s got sharp points on it right on the edges there and that’s what I’m going to use, I’m going to slide right up inside there and just lightly twist it twist it just a little bit and those will make the push marks so give it a Watch here, you’ll see me slowly remove this dent just a little bit at a time.

Get it out perfect excellent results, [ music,], all right, so I’m all finished up with that little ding. You can see right in this area here somewhere just took a little bit of light, rubbing compound to buff out any little scuff marks from the damage from the phone falling on it all right. We’ve got another excellent result for our customer here on the dent on the hood of this Acura brand new vehicle first dent in the car wanted to definitely get rid of it. So, if you are interested in more paintless dent repair, videos check out my channel. If you want to see some videos where glue pulling, does work check out this playlist that I have got full of videos where I use glue, pulling to either start a dent to take it out or completely use glue, pulling to remove the dent completely. So, it is possible in some instances, but obviously on this vehicle. I hope you enjoyed this video on pulling dents with hot glue.

Thanks for watching and check out some of those other videos.

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