Glue Pulling 101

Paintless Dent Repair | Glue Pulling 101

Video Summary

Pdr coming at you here with a brand-new 2018 Tacoma, I think it has less than 400 miles on it. Beautiful truck real nice car for a really nice person and I only say that when it’s true, let’s see what happened. It looks like a cargo van door hit right here and we got it in two places right through that body line and if you guys know access points I would come in through here. If I opened this door, it’s going to close off my angle to be able to see that dent. So, it’s not really warm out today. This is a cement color and it doesn’t have a lot of well. I was going to say it doesn’t have a lot of metallic, but I think that’s all it is a nonmetallic flake of gray, so it is very metallic paint. It just doesn’t have a lot of metallic flake in it. I gave it a little buff there and I’ve got it got my heat gun warmed up and I’m going to look from one of my little Keco crease tabs. Before I grab a strong tab. I should just use my little cheesy tab, but there’s the one I wanted like the little Keco crease tab. I got my hat to turn around for you guys and I think I’m going to just start right up there and if you guys see what I’m going to do here, the dent is a teardrop. So, I only want the glue to be on the top of that clip and just kind of push it into it. Yeah, the center of it is definitely in the center of the dent, but most of the glue is on the top, so we’re going to pull it real quick because we don’t want to give it a lot of chance to dry. I’m going to use the lifter just for what I can and then the slide hammer for what I can’t use the lifter with now. If you guys see, I got a lot of that out. I probably waited a little bit too long.

This is kind of grab his little alcohol thing, yeah, but yeah, I’d say just on that. First, one, first pulls a little blue stuck to me. There I’d say: we’ve removed 40 % of that dent. This is going to, be one of these ones. It’s going to take some time, ladies and gents, so I will say at this point in the video is, I sure, do appreciate everybody clicking on this. This video, I hope you guys – are entertained or in best case scenario, maybe learning something I’m going to pull it quick. I’m going to come down on the top of it. The first time I’ve ever used one of these little gang green tabs, and I know that they pull really hard because they don’t have any surface. I mean they don’t have any little bumps in the surface, so they pull straight up. A lot of that was moved and honestly guys to be honest. Worst case scenario. I can roll down this window, get Bertha down in here and tool out some of these things, but I think we’re doing pretty good with this glue. So, let’s just keep on going, I’m going to come down to the bottom edge. I don’t know I’m just really fond of this cape go clear. I know the way it pulls. I’m going to come down to the bottom edge using this kit go clear round and go right there. This one was going to require a slide hammer because it’s right on the edge there and the feet will sit funny. That’s the way we wanted it.

We wanted to leave the glue on the car a little bit and that then actually moved so we’re going to just keep on going. I don’t know if we’re going to keep you guys in for the whole thing. I know you can hear my glue gun just kind of spurting, but this one I did plan for an hour or two ums. You know best-case scenario: we get them all out and looking good in about 45 minutes, but either way, we’re not going to keep you guys in. For that long. We might do some speed ease. I know that I’m going to do a lot more pulls and that one seemed to want to pull, but I think I need a bigger gosh guys. I think I need a bigger tab right here. I don’t know if I’m going to have to switch to the gray glue. If you notice, I didn’t, fill the edge of that tab. I didn’t fill that tab up just the center of it is what I want a hole. Let’s give a nice mmm little yank tab went flying, which is a common thing. Now I don’t like the pull of this tab, but I like the size of it, so I’m going to get in here with the little cheap tab. Here it came with some kit until it breaks it, does give some good pulls everyone, so on and so yeah. What I was going to say guys is. This is all poles without doing any tap work and obviously, a lot of people say.

Well, I usually start off my videos with tapping it’s going to be something like the bottom edge of this and then straighten up some of these lines up on top just to make another poll. So, once again, thanks to everybody for sticking with us this far we might do a little super-speedy or we might come back and just show you the last couple of minutes, but either way, I’m going to be on it for a while doing this, and maybe that alright, The reason why I’m pulling so quick guys, just because it is kind of cold, it’s kind of chilly out and this glue almost instantly cools a little bit more. So, I tell you what we’re going to do we’re going to keep on working on this one and we’ll come back to you guys in just a bit. Okay, guys, I thought I’d bring you in for getting near the end. I mean there’s, there’s only so much. We can do it when we’re pulling against this body line. The glue got a lot of it out. You see that one up top is basically just down to a little pinch, and I even did get my tool down in there. I moved a little bit of metal, but I didn’t really have the leverage. So, what we’re going to do is: let’s clean that off a little bit make another little pull right through the middle. You see, I’m just putting a strip of glue down.

I’m going right through the middle of that one and then why not just throw a little tab right there try to yank on that brow a little bit on this one. I’ve been using the lifter and then on the one down beneath it, and I didn’t really pull probably want to warm it up a teeny bit. I’ve been using the slide hammer on that edge, a pretty decent pull there. So I would probably say I have made about thirty pulses and now, let’s right there and while I’m waiting for that to cool, actually, let’s just grab the slight hammer right now and give it a good yank a little bit more of that one came out and I think I want to even use a little bit more of the gangrene tabs here right up top and then another one right down here: kind of right on the edge there we go and then this one give it a little pull and another one right here. I felt that one kind of pull so let’s get that stuff off a little bit of isopropyl Wow and that actually moved a lot. So, I think what I’m going to do here is make one or two real quick pulls just like the ones I just did on camera with you guys, and I’ve actually already shown it to the customer, and he said he’s happy with the results so far and We’re at that point there’s not I not much more. That will come out, I’m hoping for the best, but I also kind of know how much see that one actually gave it a little high pinch and that one actually moved a little bit more metal. So, I think now what I’m going to do is keep on coming behind it. Oh yeah, that one pinched out real nice. It gave me a little high pinch, so I can basically just come in and baby tap these down kind of Zen loaded out there, but I am we’re getting really close on this one guy chasing around that little brow, and then if I wanted to give this one another pole, while my guns all hot.

I know I want to get this one just a little bit more right in the center, so in between. I can do a little tappy right up here. Right, pretty much pinches. The most and I know I said we probably just come back and show you the result, but I wanted to bring you guys in for a little bit of the actual work involved. Let you see what I see here that one I had to tap open on the top, give it a nice little pull again, and should crest it right back up the way it was just current. There did move it a little bit if I’m looking at where it’s tight. It’s tight right around here, let’s take around here a little bit of a breath back brow to it. Let’s use the lifter come on through and nice little snap, so I don’t know if I’m exactly going to leave this dent the way it looks right now. I think I’m going to spend a couple of minutes, but due to battery times – and let’s take a good look at the angle, I do have a little tiny line in there that honestly guys probably won’t come out but knowing that I can get it to that. That 80 % mark where we wanted to get it to, I think I might go for a couple more pulls.

Let’s see if I can keep you guys in for this one, the same kind of tiny little bead right there, and then let’s go for one of these little gangrene’s right there, and yeah guys as I’m looking into the backside of this, I still see a little Brow didn’t really move it this one, hopefully, that teeny tiny bit and we’re kind of at the point guys that I can keep doing this for about an hour and it still ends up looking the exact same way. Let’s look right into this. Get a little bit of perfect: it ready get that last little bit off with the isopropyl just feeling for any little bits of glue, give a little pre buff and we’ll take a look at what we’ve got like I say I might spend some time off-camera On this one, this is pretty much exactly what I told the customer we could do without the full-on access and, as far as I can almost feel it in the comments that somebody’s going to say you could take the door off and put it on a table and get right in there you know, I’m going to take the door off of a brand new car and let alone that probably requires a shop to do that in. So, let’s take a look at what we got here, just looking from start to finish: yeah, there is uh if you’re looking straight down on it’s hardly there at all and then down on this one right here.

I’D say I’m probably going to make another little puller too. I might even make it a little pull in the tap on the top one, but, like I said guys, even if I kept on doing this for about another hour, it’s still going to end up with this 80 to 85 % of kind of mark, it was really severe through that body line. I think it came out pretty darn nice hit us up with it like if you would on this one. This concrete, colored, brand-new Toyota Tacoma super nice truck. If you guys like what you see, share us on social media and all that good stuff, we’d love to see the sub count grow and the community grow so other than that I’ll just see the thing there’s been PDR and I’m out peace.

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