Paintless Dent Repair for Beginners

Paintless Dent Repair for Beginners

Are you looking to learn paintless dent repair for beginners? Look no further and make sure you watch this video for paintless dent repair beginners.

Video Summary

Welcome to DIY automotive school with my friend, Pete and Minnie the body shop girl. It’s everything you need to know about cars. Let’s start our video on paintless dent repair for beginners. Now let’s get some glue on those. Let’s get a couple of those babies popped on there. Let’s get her done, Dave now, yeah, a little practice last night, so you kind of got the feel of what’s going on right. Yes, you must finesse it that’s for sure. Okay, I’m thinking between you and Dylan because. I got to work on Nader’s car. I think between you and Dylan. You can get her done. Am I right? I’M sure you give us enough time and I’ll be freaking out all this. No, this hole right here. I just want to show you if you use your light, you can see. There are green ants on that. Okay, that’s! What’s good about our shop! We got that overhead light to use as a dent repair finder. Sam that take all the red blue out, keep pushing keep going here it comes not now you got to let that [ __] dry.

What the situation is the guy said: don’t use the hot glue because you’re going to get a high spot. Almost every time. Remember yesterday we were doing it. We got the little hiding, so he told us to use the green glue, because the green glue is a good overall usage of temperature. To use you know thing is so I’m just some kind of color. We think there’s really a difference. I think that there’s different epoxies that make it blue up to make them stronger and weaker okay. So last night we saw many in action. Let’s see what Dylan can do as he takes the glue tab.

He uses his light to find and extract the dent to repair, and then he takes the paintless dent repair glue, a pull tab and pops it on there now. Is it centered up properly and has it glued down tight enough? We will find out when he gets ready to go. I think what he needs to do is get on the stick and make another glue tab and put it on the car, so we can go ahead and pull four or five of them out at once. No, we were wrong. Oh, this guy said wait. 30 to 30 seconds to a minute, and then, as we go like this, you can see that that’s already drying look feel that feel how dry it is already. So, this is Dylan’s first time attempting to do this. He has never done it before he is going to try. We also found out it takes two.

There you go and you can see that okay, he did pull it up. Let’s see what the dent looks like he’ll take his. Did, you see it moving yeah. Did you see it moving? Okay? So now what we’ll do is we’ll take our rubbing, alcohol. There you go and then you want to be very careful cutting that away there you go. This seemed like that: glues, pretty yeah. It put some more spray on their spray. It down a little more, the rubbing alcohol is the de activator, but that’s a de activator for what’s wrong. No, I would like to say, as we are watching this, I would like to remind everybody. This is not a professional how-to video set. This is a video set. That is recommended for a beginner that wants to learn by himself and learn from a paintless dent repair beginner that has never done it before.

It seems like it’s a very simple, easy procedure and I think we might have something going here. Let’s see what we got and see what happened here, because the only way that you’re going to learn this – I can sit here all day long and play golf talker on the phone and all that, and I see that the dam is still there. Let me get the light. Okay, we can see that the dam is there. The only way that you’re going to learn how to do this is you’re going to have to get in there and do the [ __], without people telling you how to do it. Okay, well yeah.

They said you had bulleted many times well. He said that the guy said five to seven times some time, but now there’s two ways to pull that out: there’s a way that you can snap it out all right. I think what you ought to do down practice at different levels: snapping pulling poppy, you know seizing whatever you got to do to get it out. Minnie pulled out to dance last night. Okay, all right! Let’s see what we got here, snap it! You didn’t snap that but okay, okay, I’m going to let you guys work at it. Okay, one can gloom, one can pull, and you know go for it, don’t lose the tabs all right and then we’ll be back to look the dent repair. Don’t take the circles off.

We want to see what happened. Okay, don’t take the circles where the dents are. We want to leave them there, so we can look at them later, we’ll be back all right. I’M going to leave you guys along to do it. Remember you got to clean those off every time you use a buck. Alright, maybe you want to get in there and get your hands dirty, maybe help them out a little bit start putting some tabs down. Let’s get some dents fixed and pulled okay. Thank you. What do you think bud looks nice, it’s a nice tool if it works on the wart, it takes practice? Practice makes perfect and when you haven’t practiced enough, what do you do you get on there and you practice a gap? And if he is not done enough, then you do it again and again and again and again until the [ __] is gone and done and out of our [ __] hair.

We got to get this job done all right. Minnie, not a lot of glue, concentrate on the center of it and put the glue on the center. There you go. Okay, can I go ahead and pull one? Can I just pull one all right now my friend Pete’s going to go ahead? Now, how big was this dent here? How big now I want to let everybody know one more time: I’ve never done this [ __] before this is brand new to me. Have I ever done it Nader that you know many okay? This is a new situation and I’m trying to show everybody out there. This is something that you can do. Okay, okay, I think that dents still there all right, I don’t give a [ __] get her done, but, okay, we’ll see you later.

This is Pete my friend Pete will be back after they get several of them out. They’re going to leave the circles around them, and we’ll see how they did later [ __] trying to get this [ __] down what we’ve already figured out from viewing Minnie doing it, and then me coming in this morning, is what it’s all about. The glue tails on the size tab you use, so I’m going to explain it one more time. I’ve never done this. I’ve never taken classes on it. I have watched a couple videos of guys throwing it on there, but I’m just learning from my own experience and we’re not [ __]. You know we’re just learning from our own mistakes. So, if you look right here, these are the ones we’ve already pulled out and we noticed that this is a situation. I don’t know if you can catch the light, their clown guy. But let’s look at this one right here now and can you catch that you can’t see it there’s a little dent right here. I’M going to go ahead and show you how small it is because you can’t see it, but I can see it actually.

There’s three of them here: dude, there’s one here, one there and one there. So, we got three dance all right and what I was doing. I was using this now. I’ve already pulled on those, probably what four or five times so just because the Dan is little. Doesn’t mean that we are going to use a little tap these, but I’ll say it. We found out that by using the little tab isn’t really the way to go just because it’s a little ding all right. So, we went to the larger size, which I guess I don’t know what size that is, but it’s the next size up and we noticed that, after pulling on it two or three times you can see, we got them all scattered around ready to pull that. It’s actually working now everywhere that you see in hacks, we have pulled the dents out. Another thing that I want to remind you of is you know you hear about the [ __] glue, guys you hear about the [ __] glue.

You hear about the temperature ratings and all this, let me ask you a question all right: what about the thickness of the metal? You think that might have something to do with it. I think so! That’s what I found out over here. If you look here all right, look at that, it’s very, very thin, okay, so the metal on that is actually thinner. So, let’s say here, but the metal on this. You see what I’m saying here: mmm okay! So, I’m thinking that when I was using the red blue and we were only using the small tabs – all right – I’m going to find the dent right here and I don’t know if we can find it because I did pull probably five of them out on this Hood: okay, here’s one right here! Look I pulled this one out. I don’t know if you can catch the light there and what you got is a high crown.

You can say yeah. Can you see it with the camera yeah if you move around okay, so I pulled that down out? It wasn’t right here it was right there and using the small tab on that. It pulled it out to where the crown was high. It made a crown on it, but using the pull tab of the little, small pull tab on the white hood, which is a truck, isn’t doing [ __]. Nothing am I right. So, what we found out is that, using that small town on a thicker metal isn’t [ __] working out just because it’s a small doesn’t mean he is a small town. What we did find out, though, must come over here, and this is pretty much all tips, except maybe some variances, the tab itself has a crown. It’s rounded, alright, it’s got a crest in the center. So, when you stick it on the dent now, watch close, you see how it rocks, so the center is always higher. So, we found out by using a bigger pull tab on the more industrial metal is working to our advantage. Am I right so that’s the situation?

We’re finding out here now we have approximately, I would say we had one hour yesterday, and we’ve been on first, so we got two hours and [ __] around here and we already got one two three four, five, six, seven dents out of how many we’re on here 27 there’s twenty some dents, but most of the time was [ __] around trying to find out which [ __] glue to use this that and the other. Once again, I’m doing this. I didn’t take instructions; I’m not going to take instructions because I am working from my own experience kind of like a clown 697 behind the camera. There he’s just doing it himself. Now you said that you watched videos. Last night you saw some videos to better yourself and see other people’s techniques yeah. Now, how many videos did you watch like twenty or thirty of them? Okay and that’s a very good idea, I’m not telling you to sit here and watch my video only because I’m making myself look like a jackass here and most of these quote-unquote professional Deadpool’s are probably laughing at me because I’m looking like dr Dildo in disguising my say, but I don’t give a [ __], I don’t care if the [ __] laughing at me or not, because I’m going to tell you why I’m out here, [ __] doing it. I am doing it.

I have shown you that I’m doing it and I’m not going to quit it until it’s done right – is that right, clap, seven, five, three six point: seven, I’m going to go ahead. Now we also noticed one other thing front: get involved here that when you’re using a beer at blue town, it has more of a stronger hold on it yeah, I have been using slide the slide hammer and then I’d go back to the den polar I want to show you this is a slide hammer that we’ve got with our key. It’s actually a pretty good one. I would say that’s probably about a three-pounder baby. I don’t know, but we got a little dent right here now we have two dents and this one here is almost out. This is my third pull on this and before I use the popper machine, we’ll call that I’m going to go ahead and just give it a good now. Do you see how hard I’m doing that all right?

Do you see them see so the bigger the tab? You use the more strength and durability you’re going to have to pull that down out. I found out that doing a hood or truck parts working on a truck is harder than working on the little car now that might be because this is American and that’s Japanese Korean whatever I don’t know all right, but versus this truck versus that car. This is a harder situation, all right, one more time. Okay, we don’t want to go too much of that, because we might get a crown now. Another thing we found out – and I’m going to – show you that after I pull this up, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to do it again. If you use your dent puller like this now, if Dylan can zoom into this area right here, okay, only all right – you got my hand right here, this square box that I’m showing you all right. I noticed that this this turning mechanism here this is going to give you the leverage of how strong you want that pull, and if Dilla can I got about halfway right there. If you can focus it on that, you can see that on using my pull tab to pull that den out.

Do you see the hood flexing yeah, but the situation is we don’t want to flex that because of the size of the dent, do you see what I mean the dent is so my Newton so small that this is once again my opinion from what I’m doing Here we would rather have a nice firm pull? Where do you see how I tighten that up now it’s less of a squeeze action? So, I’m thinking since I used the slide hammer, I’m going to go ahead and tighten that up now, I’m pulling really hard here and then I’m going to go ahead and pop. It off just like that. Another thing is that we found out is that using that pull tab, you really have to be precise on getting the center of the pull tab right where you’re, [, __] down is okay. Let me go ahead and take this up.

We’re going to see what we have here and what’s going on, and hopefully we got this out now. Another thing I was talking to a guy yesterday on Dylan was there and he said – and I don’t know if this is true once again, I’m going by my experience and my experience is very minimal on this. He said that it’s better to have a small crown than it is to have the low spot, because you can always ding down it out. Is that what he was saying yeah so getting a small crown on it? He says actually a good thing, because you know you pulled it out and once you master the ding dent proper job, then it [ __] works well. Let’s clean that off. Let’s look at it, I don’t know if it’s gone down or not like. I said I’ve already pulled this four times, but that was the fourth time we’ll see what it did and I’m going to use my light. And now, if Delic you come over here, we did pull that Dan out, but I want to show him: maybe you can use the light on that and I’m going to circle, the dancing you can see.

Okay, dan is going to be right here. Okay, if you look at that real close, you’re, going to see that that’s a high spot now, we’ve actually made a high spot, so we did pull it dead out by what we did, but now what we got to do we got to take our ding dent. King all right, mr King Kong, ding and I’m going to use this pointed one now. Another thing is in this kit. Let me show you: it comes with different variances of ding dinners. All right. You have the round one here, which you know we haven’t got to that. Yet then you have a big flat and you have even a bigger one, looks like a crayon hit and then the small one. Now I use the small one on this one and I’m going to be honest with you all right, I’m going to be honest with you. This isn’t 100 99 percent perfect all right, but I got it enough.

To blend in with the factory finished paint, which is orange peel do you, see what I’m saying yeah and when. I lightly color setting that with 3000 and then hand buff it should blend in and you won’t see it and that’s another thing that I found out about this situation. We’re doing here is that you’re not going to get them out 100 % perfectly flawless. Am I correct right? No, once again, this goes out to all the conquering boss, cocky PDR, [ __], guys out there. This is from my experience all right, the guy out there that’s been doing it for 23 years. I’M sure you can do it blindfolded and it’ll be flawlessly perfect, and you’ll never be able to tell. But from my experience, I’m only doing it for a couple hours and actually I believe that we’ve talked to a couple people on that, and they also said that you aren’t going to get it out. You blend it in to the factory finishes of the car.

Okay from my experience, it looks like what you’re doing is not really pulling it out to 100 % flawless but you’re trying to match the factory finish when you do it and that’s where these come in and this right here, I don’t even know if I’m making [ __] sense here. Okay, did I just make sense on that 770? Okay. So, what I’m saying here is I’m going to take this little deer here and if Dylan could kind of get the hammer over here. We’ll try to you know, get it going because I see the high spot right there and to use this as a very easy situation. But now I’m going to the bigger flat down, see that flat in there. So, I’m going to find that high spot and I’m just letting it it’s kind of like a glint of Shane hammer. Alright, it’s tapping like this, but I’m using my hammer to tap it down now, of course. Once again, this hood is the thicker steel than that car, so you’re going to use a little bit more force to get it down. Okay, that’s good, and you got to be quick on the hammer action because of the flexibility on it, the more it flexes the faster you will have to be on yeah.

Do you see what I’m trying to say? Alright, the more than it flex is the lighter hit that you would do. It’s all-in practice just keep going. Is this a Junker that I’m working on? No? This is a paying [, __] job here. Okay, that’s what I’m trying to say if you’re not comfortable with trying this out on a customer’s car, I would suggest that you get a junk hood from maybe the junkyard or go to a body shop and ask them if you could have one put dents in The hood and figure it out, okay, I feel confident that I can do it to where it’ll look, pretty [, __, ] good and get done. Dylan is doing it too and we’re getting it done. I mean that’s the whole story here and I believe I just got this one time. It’s it’s done. Okay, this one here is done where’s, my pencil, that where did it go so, we’re going to put a big X right there and say that is a done situation, all right, the go to town.

Keep reading for more tips on paintless dent repair for beginners. Let me go over that with you, because we’re dragging this out bring that over here. Let’s find it find one that you can see with. Okay, here’s one right here, that’s the way you look it out! Yeah! Okay! Can you see that it’s small I mean you? Can barely see it, so what you want to use that glue tab is right over here doing this. First, you want to make sure the glue tab is clean, so we’re going to use some rubbing alcohol and we’re going to get the old glue on for the center. What I found out about these glue tabs is the center of the glue tab. Is the most important section on that glue tab and the reason is because that’s where you’re going to be pulling most of your force out, so it’s important to get that glue in the center of the tab. Am I correct all right so we’re not going to cover that whole thing with glue we’re just going to put it right in the center just like that, we’re going to concentrate on the center now once again, this is a bigger tab and then, if you don’t Come over here, here’s the dent right here on my finger.

Is I’m going to put that right there and then push it down just like that now we’ll let that dry, alright! So, what I did is, I took the tab and, as I was applying it to the car, I have the glue only in the center and then I would concentrate on what’s that. What’s this [ __] here, are you telling me something? No, to tell you nothing else: [ __] birthdays, my heart though the [ __]. Can you be tired, you’re just holding the camera? It’s like 20 minutes now, and everybody wants to know how the [ __] to do this. Okay from a [ __,] average Joe [ __] ring like me: okay, we don’t give a [ __] about the professional [ __]. All we’re caring about is the [ __] ring you understand all right. So, what you’re doing is when you’re applying that to the den, you’re using the crown the arch, the center of the Arts is where your glue will go and then BAM right in the center. Did you see how I did that clown blam? Damn see that one more time Bam Bam all right into the debt. This is a process that takes a long time. I think we’re doing pretty good. We got 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7, 8 9 dents out in less than a little over two hours.

So that’s almost we almost got half the hood done all right. Let’s get it done. Let’s get her done, you know what else can I say about the situation clown, [, __,] off? What can I do? I mean blue. We got glue, we got imprints of glue, you know we heard the tab situation, you know the Atlas vs this brand net we’re using the Atlas temp Alice is the brand that we’re using and if you go on YouTube and look at all the other videos how many people said Atlas 5 9 10 9 out of 10 says Alice is the best we’re going to stick with that because that was the average Joe [ __ ] people have said that we’re not going to swap out we’re not going to go buy these and try those that these things are [ __ ] expensive and I’m going to show you how expensive they are I bought these little ones because I’m thinking hey I got a little dent on these little tabs I need the little test because I got a little dip so what is my friend Keith do he goes out there and spends 20 [ __ ] dollars for 10 little baby tabs and guess what cloud 7 8 7 can you tell they don’t work [ __ ] man my $20 icon I could wipe my ass with them after big [ __ ] flushed it down the toilet and it probably would have felt better they going to sneak in those things in my ass one at a time this is Pete my friend Pete your friend Pete taking that dent puller popping them out and gluing them down and hopefully I don’t get any glue in my ass because let me tell you something look at that white spot right can you see that but can you see the white blister I got okay that’s a [ __ ] that is called a glue ring [ __ ] okay and when that happens to you know the [ __ ] guts ii-in your ass and his [ __ ] hurts because it didn’t get Lube the only Lube you had was his [ __ ] red blue I got to go I got this one more time here we got this one here we might as well get the t-handle now I found out that using the t-handle because I’m used to using slide hammer if you’re not a slide hammer guy you know I don’t know what to tell you but we’re going to go ahead and know I’m using a lot of force here okay once again I concentrated on the center of that okay now that I’ve done that now you see I was pulling pretty [ __ ] hard and I noticed something else here too that car’s got big dents on it was easier to pull those big dents out then there’s these little ones so once again I’m going to go ahead and do a little bit of this action I don’t want to do a lot of it because I don’t want a crown I don’t want a high spot clown 7/7 do you see what I’m saying yes okay but I want to go ahead and just do a little flex action there and then I’m going to tighten it up because I want a real fast stiff pull watch this see there just like that now this is a handy tool oh yeah that’s a handy tool okay this is a blue scraper all right nice good hard Plessy but you got to be careful now look how easy that came off now let’s look at our dent did you see how easily I came off of there and how much force I was using on that there’s the glue tab can you show them that okay the glue itself and I don’t really know the variance I’m not going to get into the barometric pressures of what glooty used this down the other this is the advice I’m going to give you on glue okay on my back plate again no I was looking at the then you’re about to wipe off of there did so the kids okay what I’m going to give you this is my opinion on the glue whatever works for you use it is that right Dylan that’s right okay this this guy over to seller store said hey I used green glue all year around I don’t care so what does my feet my friend Pete bill once again what does he do looking bundle okay look here but I bundled up onto now how much of these are to what twenty twelve dollars or twenty it’s only once you are yes we haven’t even tried these ones out yet now we know and if you go to YouTube this is the one that most people are using am I correct the yellow one this is the one this is the bad boy we’re going to try those out later but right now we’re having good luck with red and

I got to go that didn’t look good I don’t know I have white stuff let’s see it’s gone it’s a nice [ __ ] deal it’s gone hey can I swap my friend Pete [ __ ] dude alright yeah a glue and pull it out of my ass I stuck it on the [ __ ] hood I plug that comes up happy [ __ ] I got to go we got dents pull out thanks for watching DIY Boteh school classes don’t stop don’t you know everything the Iowa auto school is the place to be for all you blue-collar Americans son-of-a-bitchin bastards to click on that to subscribe button and do it right subscribe now and be a winner in life DIY octal school my friend Pete’s going to show you how to do it my friend Pete it’s going to take you through step one two three all the way up in the air don’t let the big boys come out do it you shall father school’s going to teach you how to do it and be proud but what the hell you do subscribe all that little button up there on that corner and make the Shelf feel proud that you said I can do it right there’s a safe slam stay out of my way he’ll tell you to get er done let’s get er done right you. I hope you enjoyed this video on paintless dent repair for beginners.

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