Paintless Dent Repair DIY: Remove Dent Without Repainting

Paintless Dent Repair DIY

Before you try a paintless dent repair DIY, I highly suggest you bring your vehicle to a PDR specialist to get a quote or you can watch this PDR DIY video.

Video Summary

I am sure this has happened to all of us. Some bad guy hits your car and takes off in the parking lot and now you are trapped and have to solve it.  You can try to repair it yourself with a heat gun and make it look better but you might not be able to remove the whole dent.  If this happens, you may have to call a professional.

There is a process called paintless dent removal DIY. I tried to learn myself once but hey, I am not a body artist, I am a mechanic.  I can figure out machinery and electrical appliances, but I can’t always figure out how to remove dents.

This can be a tedious process. This is why you pay others to do this. So, in this case, patience is indeed a virtue, A little more heat and a little more hammering. Then a special leverage tool gives more leverage Get more power to get a little dent. The high point came out:

You have to click them down to use A hammer and a cool little one has rubber there. Of course, this trick has to be hard enough Push it back, but not too hard, so it Go make another pit. So, when the car hits the metal is pushed in Metal go somewhere, so sometimes it swells around it and becomes a high point. So, we pushed it to reduce stress. They have to work. There swelling starts from the back and work hard until it is gone. They work from different angles to see where the dents are until it starts to disappear. Okay, have you ever thought about a career in percussion Uh? No, how did you learn how to fight it? How did you start practicing this thing? We started with a second-hand convertible

You started practicing, it can figure out what you can do. It cannot be made of metal. Then, when you are working on a car, every car is different. So, when you are working in the car you start to be gentle, then you think how sad you are. It needs to be moved in order and over time you get it to go. If you look closely, you can even See the dents slowly propping out. There are various special tools Used to get these dents. That is the last scene. Now you must realize that this is A very labor-intensive process. How long does it take to get real time? This dent took me for about two hours but look at the results.

I hope you learned how to use paintless dent repair DIY to remove your dents.  If you were unsuccessful, head to your nearest PDR specialist for a quote.

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