Paintless Dent Repair Blog

Paintless Dent Repair Blog

How to Repair a Bent Door Edge

Are you looking how to repair a bent door edge? If so, make sure to watch this repair a bent door edge full PDR tutorial.

How to Remove a Door Ding

Learn how to remove a door ding using paintless dent repair. Watch this video for PDR tips and tricks on removing door ding.

Paintless Dent Removal Tutorial

Learn how to remove dents by watching this paintless dent removal tutorial. You will learn why some dents pop out and why some don’t.

Roof Rail Dent Repair

Learn roof rail dent repair by watching this video on roof rail dent repair. Also learn more PDR tips and tricks to remove roof rail dents.

PDR Glue: Everything You Need to Know

PDR Glue: Everything you need to know dives into the in’s and out’s of PDR glue. We will break down the different options and when to use.

Paintless Dent Repair Tools: The Most Common

These are some of the most common paintless dent repair tools that you will find on the market from companies like Anson PDR and Dentcraft.