Paintless Dent Removal Tutorial

Paintless Dent Removal Tutorial

Learn how to remove dents by watching this paintless dent removal tutorial. You will learn why some dents pop out and why some don’t.

Video Summary

Hey, have you wondered if dents just pop out with paintless dent repair?  Well take a look at the paintless dent removal tutorial.  This dent that we have on this Infiniti here now.  The dent in this fender just looks like something you could stick your hand behind.  It seems like it’s an open enough area you can get your hand behind there, maybe a tool or something and just pop the dent right out and unfortunately with this particular dent that’s just not going to be possible and there’s a couple of reasons why.

Now, first off is the size a dent like this is more than just a door ding, it’s around about five to six inches in size.  It’s going to take a little bit more technique to get behind and push the dent out. Now, another reason the dent like this won’t pop out is because when a dent gets hit it doesn’t always just dent in and then come back out.  Have you ever seen or thrown a rock into a pond or a lake and it causes ripples once it hits the water and you have these ripples that form out well? That is the same thing that happens on steel panels on a car.  Once that gets hit it’s not just a direct impact point but there are ripple effects that come out past the dent and with this particular one, that only was its sharp right down in the center, but it pushed in and out and so there is edges around the dent that we have to not only push back down but push back into the center of the dent.

Once I started pushing up some of it also brought up those outside edges and I use these different hammers here a soft tip rubber hammer and some other knockdowns to continue to push that down.  Now, once I was able to do that and push the dent out as much as possible from the inside, I also had to continue knocking down and following the ripples and just bringing it all back into shape.  Now with this particular one, I was able to work on this from two different angles.  I am able to go through the wheel well which is a pretty common point with great access to get behind the dent but also on a lot of newer vehicles we can get access from the top in through.  Once the hood is open, we can get down into the fender that way and here are actually five of the different paintless dent repair tools that I used on this particular dent and in order to get this out I needed to start with a softer tip tool to move a lot more metal and then fine tuning with some of the sharper tools that I have.

Now just keep watching this repair here you’ll see that I was working on this from multiple different angles until I get it completely finished, so keep watching it. I hope you enjoyed this paintless dent removal tutorial video.

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