Learn Paintless Dent Removal

Learn Paintless Dent Removal

Learning paintless dent removal can be challenging or you can watch this PDR training video and learn some fast paintless dent removal tips.

Video Summary

Good day, everybody we’ve got a cool trait for you guys we are actually going to be taking you on or I’m going to be, taking you on a couple ride along, including this one right now and we’re going to talk about dents on the road dance on the road I love dance on the road, that’s how I built my business and tell most of you have built your business. Some of you have transitioned into a shop into mobile. I love what I do and one of these videos that you’re going to see is you’re going to see a combination.

You know the latest cold glue and the tools we’re using to get these dead out and without chewing it up, because it’s very easy to chew it up. It’s also very easy to underestimate a dent like this. This dent this main dent was very. It was kind of a hand sized dent, but some of you guys would’ve probably said I could have talked suction-cup to that or maybe I’ll just take some super tabs to it and just glue the hell out of its goop hole. Okay, you guys. We are here working on this dent now it looks like you know, you could just probably use your slide hammer and yank it, but very carefully. We are, we don’t want to just yank. We will actually want to we’re going to use some Cola free, which John is getting ready, he’s stretching it out to get it nice and warm and sticky the more he pulls that the stick here and the warmer that warms up and gets nice and really tacky to get a good grip on here, but once he gets that warmed up like pulling it and stretching it then he’s going to heat up the panel, especially in the Corners of this dent.

You don’t want to just cold pull it because you could shock the metal or the paint and you could possibly crack it, and you don’t want to do that. So that’s why we’re going to use a heat gun and get most of them the meat out and then we’ll go ahead and pick whatever tool we’re going to get after that. But if you look closely the panel separated away from the headlight and it’s kind of not connected that clips are kind of off a little bit. So hopefully we pull, it will go it’ll line back in I’m going to have them work from outside, in because this is where the softest area, we’re going to move some of that metal back towards the deepest area. We don’t want to try to pull the deepest area first, because you shock the metal okay.

So, let’s, let’s start out right there, John, you want to come around this side. If you want, are you good with that? Okay, good? Now you can see the reason. Why is leaving residues because we heat it up really a lot, but it’s that residue will come off. You can see a good chunk of that Dan. Probably three or four inches came up already, so go ahead and push that and we pull that and look at whit back in now went back into place. Pretty good, I’m going to get a different shot of that John’s. Get a look at! That’s why we have them set up from outside to go in because we’re letting this do the work for it pushing the metal back into the seam right here. If you try to pull the seen first, it might have reversed and you might have cracked paint or locked pressure, so this is so far so good. It’s coming out. Let me a little bit yeah right there.

You start in that a little bit below the corner. Okay, so we’ve got a flat bar. This flat bar is made from PDR finesse. PDR Finesse makes some really good paintless dent removal tools.  Make sure to check them out. This is something I gave John a while ago. It’s a beast: it’s very heavy, its wide. It’s super flat and it’s good. How do you like it so far? John? I love it. This thing pushes metal like my mother when I need it to and what kind of tip were using. This is the dent craft h32, with a red cat yeah, that’s good for pushing a lot of the real low stuff, and then you go in with a what is it the age for the our for our the our for to get that detail yeah and then You’ll switch he’ll, probably switch to like a plastic sharper tool tip and in work it out, but he’s going to gain leverage right off that tire and really get some good push power. I don’t think this. This tool doesn’t really. This dent doesn’t really need a huge amount of power because it’s a Honda, but the leverage is awesome, so it allows you to spread more metal without poking or parking the paint so go ahead and pull that liner back. Let’s pull the liner back. Learning paintless dent repair takes time but with lots of practice you can learn it.

Okay, all right good slips that tool in there good. Now I want you guys to look right here. You see that split! That’s where I want John to push. John knows what he’s doing for a long time, but that’s what I’m trying to show you of how he’s looking at the dent, how he’s attacking the dent and he’s starting from the bottom and he works up towards the split and he brings that together. So now he’s actually using a sharp tip tool from PDR finesse called the number 51 case. You guys were wondering hold it just like that, John I’m actually going to show the length of it yeah. You can see that there’s a little bit of a oops. I going to be just a little bit of a crown. Oh, that you got. You got a plastic like a midpoint or a midpoint. What’s a little bit of tape on there and put it closer to see the complete tutorial and videos like this.  I hope you enjoyed this video on learning paintless dent removal. Please visit dent trainer com. Thank you.

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