How to Repair Large Fender Dent

How to Repair Large Fender Dent

Do you need more help with how to repair large fender dent? Watch this video on repairing a large fender dent for more PDR tips and tricks.

Video Summary

Hello world PDR, coming at you here with a 2016 Honda, Accord nice car for a nice person. It’s got let’s analyze this fender dent really quick. That was probably this big made by most likely a basketball, we’re just going to guess, and I’ve been doing this a little bit before. I did anything I just seen where these things manhandle things. So, let’s do it. Let’s just do the common sense. Stick! My woods! Grip in the middle of it see if it’ll grab – oh, maybe a little bit of it, came up so yeah with the common sense. A little bit of that came up, but I didn’t get it all and that’s for sure, because it’s it is a pretty large fender dent. So now if we look at it, we see this wave, little dents area here. I’M going to pull this plastic down gain some access with my hand and just come up here with my fingers. That’s right where I want to be, we’re: not going to use the heat gun, it’s nice and warm, and this car just turned off actually, so it still has a warm fender turn down the meditation music.

One click, and hopefully you guys can see me and hear me and I’m just going to start right up here in this top area and kind of bring this body line out. First, at this point, when I say I sure do appreciate everybody that clicks on this how to repair a large fender dent video, I really do if you guys wouldn’t mind hitting that’s a subscribe button. We sure appreciate it, and we’d love to see the community grow. I’M coming down a little bit more and I’m in that teardrop and I’m just going to slowly push it out, I’m using the r32 tip nice soft plastic tip and we’re just going to kind of baby. This top little teardrop out with the plastic tip. It is a little bit tougher to see exactly where you are and I’m just starting to get used to it after using it for a year, I’ve always just been metal-to-metal. Maybe I’d take a piece of electrical tape and wrap it around my tip a couple times.

Sometimes, to get a softer tip, but I’ve always just been metal to metal just a little. What we’re looking at here, a lot of that came out. Let’s get up into this area right here and get some of that out guys. I’M just sliding me in here sideways and coming like this with the bottom of my tool here, coffee burp and then come around like this finding the side of that tool. If you see right, where I’m at here guys, I’m just baby and through that Center nice soft, he pushes oh meditation patience like trying to get those lines to straighten out, and I mean I’m looking for lows, basically, which I can still see. There’s a low here – and I could do a lot to get that up – then I’m going to have to do a little bit of tap it on this brow. It looks like right down here, board angle, there’s another little low down here and a low through this bottom edge right here. So, it’s very tough. It might be tougher to. It might be easier for you guys to see than me – and I do know that this line just fades off right here, so I don’t want to keep pushing this line out. It’s also a tension point of the body line right here.

Body line the fades compound curve that goes up and around so it’s not that this is an easy fender dent by any means guys. This is an if you know the way this metal is stamped. It’s still a pretty darn difficult dent to get these lines to straighten out the way that you want them, so it just looks clean. Sometimes I go to the other fender I’ll, take a look down it and find where this line fades off. Now I’m working this little smiley face here, but I kind of can see that this line just fades off right here and so just kind of straightening out some of these lines. I don’t know how much we’re going to keep you guys in for, because I’m going to do some of this a little bit, and now that I’m looking up here, I can see. I didn’t finish this low back towards me right here. I want to get this whole-body line out nice and tight just kind of rolling through it, not rolling, but not even really sliding just barely touching knowing where that tip is and then pushing it right to where it needs to go so yeah that one’s coming Out nice, let’s get up there in the corner, little tight area up here, it’s kind of tough to get the right angle on it.

Dantas uh, like I say guys, this one, isn’t an easy one by any means, but I think new majority. If it came up quick, I’m going to do a little finish work and we might even you might even fast speed. Yeah, we’re uh we’re probably only five minutes into this dent now, so you guys notice, I don’t even have maybe 70 % mark when I, when I actually get down to it, I’m probably going to switch tools and just go to number one and get right in There and make the pushes that I know I need to make, but I’m still kind of using the squishy just for some just for some pushes just to move some metal, and I can always get a little bit better angle by getting a little closer to the Metal come up here now tighten out that last little Valley. That is still bugging me a lot and there we are, I mean now. I got a lot of chapping to do straightening out these lines, but I think it’s starting to come together pretty nicely. So, you guys we’ve kept you in there for the whole thing. I think this time.

Keep reading for more tips on how to repair large fender dent. Hopefully, you can hear me. Okay, we do have a different microphone, recouping the loss from our microphone being stolen, and so what’s that I’m going to other things? Yes, and on that note, I will say we do appreciate everybody that shows us some love, I’m a PayPal link. We try to leave that in a very inconspicuous manner in the bottom of the video description and if you’d like to send us some energy. We appreciate it all we do this, for is to share knowledge. I just like to share what I know guys; I’m not trying to make a bunch of money off of YouTube. I’M not trying to train people, I’m just trying to show what I do on YouTube and if you guys enjoy it and love, it then hit that like button and show me you like it, you know that’s what makes a community grow. I always look down in the comment section and throw a comment down there. Now this Dan type land for about an hours’ worth of solid working – and I know that we’re probably only in this for about eight minutes right now, but I am going to spend about 15-20 minutes off camera. Just cleaning up these lines that you guys see right here, they kind of pinch right, they’re kind of pinched a lot right there, and then they pinch a lot right here, get the tighten ones out and get the spread-out ones together. Kind of like right here that are spread out, bring them back together, a little bit, tighten those lines up and that’s how we do it, so I’m going to be chasing brows and they move really slow, like cows, Hemi and redcap eat a pea and hand. Me a normal taffy, but let’s grab normal taffy first right here at the highest hardest spot. This is a plastic tip by the way yeah. We could do some speed vision in a minute.

Basically, like I say guys, I’m going to spend some time doing this wife. We can do what she wants with the filming and we will come back to you and show you the result in just a bit. You, okay, guys, here’s what we ended up with. I think it this large fender dent came out nice, let’s put a little board through that. There might be a wave but, like I say, there’s a right where this thing fades off and stamps in it’s a really testy area that all that metal was dented literally right here. So, I think for what we said we were going to do and what we did. I think it came out pretty darn nice. I sure appreciate everybody that clicked on this video and make sure you hit us up on that social media we’re on all of them. So, make sure you share that’s just a little smudge. Let’s get that smudge off. I was probably for my thing, my board, but yep. I haven’t even buffed it. Yet so we’ll just say the thing, which is: let’s give it a quick little buff ski and turn it around as we drop another piece of electronic equipment and say the thing wow that looks nice, huh. Okay, there we go. I think the customers going to be happy.  I hope you enjoyed this video on how to repair large fender dent. This has been PDR and I’m out peace.

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