How to Remove Small Auto Dents with Hair Dryer and Compressed Air​

How to Remove Small Auto Dents with Hair Dryer and Compressed Air

If you have a dent and you want to know how to remove small auto dents with hair dryer and compressed air will work?  Make sure to watch this video.  In some cases, this technique might work but if you really want the dent to be removed, bring your vehicle to a paintless dent repair specialist. 

Video Summary

This is a quick, three-minute version of the dent repair using compressed air in a hair dryer. That was a question that was asked, if a hair dryer and compressed air can really repair dents or not, so I tested it out. 

I am heating up the first dent.  I’m going to test three dents and the first dent I heat up as much as the hair dryer will allow it, and then I get the compressed air and I turn it upside down, so that it freezes that area. So, I heat it up, then I freeze it, and that’s what you’re supposed to do with this compressed air, to see if it works. I will keep freezing’ it to make sure that it’s good and cold.

On the first dent, you will see that it did not work. I heated it up with a hair dryer, froze it with compressed air, and the dent’s still there. I’ve also heard that this is supposed to work for hail damage.

I will heat it up with a hair dryer, just as hot as the dryer will get it. Now, a heat gun would get much hotter, but that wasn’t the question. The question was will a hair dryer and compressed air remove a dent. I heated it up and I froze this one and again, when it was all said and done, after it was freezing, I wiped it off, and it’s hard to see in the video but it did not remove the hail dent.

And if it removed any of the three, I thought it probably would remove this one but it didn’t so for me, it didn’t work on hail damage.  I will try the third dent and and people say this process should work on a dent like this.  

This dent is kind of a larger shallow dent.  I heated it up with the hair dryer and then froze it, and I spent a lot more time with the hair dryer.  I then used the compressed air to freeze it and I knew this was going to be my final dent so I hit it a couple times, and you’ll see here where I hit it.  It was about three times to make sure, hoping that it would repair it.

There I’m spraying it again. And here I am wiping it off, it did not work on this dent. Now, if any of you have claimed it does work and it probably does on certain dents, but it didn’t work for any of the three dents for me.

Please Bring to a Professional

I highly recommend you bring your vehicle to an auto hail repair/dent specialist before trying to remove dents yourself.  You can cause more damage to your vehicle if you are not a trained professional.