How is Hail Damage Repaired (Paintless Dent Repair Process)

How is Hail Damage Repaired?

Video Summary

If you want to know how hail damage is repaired with paintless dent repair, make sure to watch the video above. Today we are going to show you the professional way that we take hail damage dents out from a car.

That is not to say that there is not a DIY method that will work for you most, but it probably won’t. Everybody is heard of using dry ice or heating the dent up with a hairdryer and using some compressed cold air to pop the Dents out. You may have even seen people pop dents out with a plunger or suction cup. I have even heard people say, just leave your car in the hot sun and the dents will pop right out.

I really have not seen any of these techniques of work and when people try these DIY methods, they typically damage the paint.

How to Remove Hail Dents

Now let us take a look at how we would fix a dent using paintless dent repair. We have this a dent on the hood of the vehicle, and you can see where we circled the area around it. This is a typical US quarter sized dent sitting right in the middle and if you look at it without a PDR light, one might say this is a nickel or quarter sized dent. But if you look at the dent, you can see that the metal is stretched out around that quarter. We then would call this a half dollar size dent or even an oversized dent which is bigger than a half dollar.

Once we set a half dollar on top of the dent, you can see the extent of how far out that metal get stretched. Now we would use a PDR tool with special tips and lightly push up on the metal.
With this tool we would need a slight leverage point and a PDR light so we can see exactly what we are doing. This is something that you could try on your own with the right tools but if you push too hard, you could crack the paint. Therefore, you should have your dents repaired by an auto hail repair specialist.

We will continue pushing on the dent until we get it nice and smooth. With these little pushes it may seem like nothing is happening, but the dent is being removed. Paintless dent repair can be a terribly slow process but every tiny push is making a difference.

Now let us move over to the smaller dent that is more like a dime or nickel sized dent. This dent is under a brace and typically most hail damage is under a braced area because there is less flexing in the metal. If hail lands on an area in the open, most likely the hail will just bounce off and not cause any damage.

To remove this dent, we need to use a different tool. These tools are designed to get under the braced areas so the dent can be removed. The process is the same as removing the other dents. Just take your time and make tiny pushes on the area until the dent has been removed.

Auto Hail Repair Specialist

If you tried to remove these types of hail dents using the DIY methods and they did not work, I suggest you find an auto hail specialist near you. If you have insurance, you should be covered and if the damage is not “too” bad, you could have your car back within a week.