Hail Repair Shop Rips Off Customer

Auto Hail Repair Shop Rips Off Customer

If you have hail damage on your vehicle make sure to watch this video  about auto hail repair shop rips off customer.  This should never happen to you but sadly it happens.

Video Summary

Our news 5 investigates team first broke in July. You may remember chief investigative reporter Eric Ross exposed a pop-up; hail repair company accused of forging a customer’s signature to steal thousands of dollars from his insurance company.

That story quickly gained traction on the Internet and social media and it also caught the attention of a local collision repair center, which decided to step up to the plate.

This is a classic example, showing there are good people committed to making things right when others do wrong. A three-month long problem for Vernon Jones has come to an end. Thanks to the folks at service King collision repair on the city’s west side, they put a brand-new top on it. A brand-new hood knocked all the dents out of the fenders in the tailgate and the side of the truck, and they repainted it over.

The issue began when Vernon took his red Dodge pickup to this pop-up hail repair tent on south academy. They never finished the work they promised and instead cashed Vernon’s unsigned insurance check. They collected upfront.

The signature on the check appears to be a forgery based on the stroke pattern and the fact that Vernon’s name is spelled wrong. When we showed up to the hail repair tent to ask questions. Employees were not eager to talk. One decided to wrap himself in a tarp and another grabbed our camera.

While trying to ask some questions, some employees ran from the camera. Not even the owner could explain who signed Vernon’s check. The story really bugged us said Service King collision, repair operations, director, Rory Crosby. He could not believe what he saw in our report and decided to fix Vernon’s truck for free.

Good Hail Shops Doing Good Deeds

You know it was the right thing to do when we saw the story, it is just a good deed. We evaluated the roof, and the roof was heavily damaged. We ended up replacing the whole entire roof.

Vernon was really satisfied with the job that was done to his truck, and he want to give thanks to Channel 5 News, because without them, this would not never happen. Of course, the real people to think here are the folks at Service King Collision Repair, and we should point out we never reached out to them. They reached out on their own and wanted to help.

I hope you enjoyed this video and please share it if you know someone who needs to get their vehicle repaired.  We don’t need another auto hail repair shop ripping off another customer.