Cheap Hail Damage Repair

If you’re looking for cheap hail damage repair, you might regret it.  I understand if you have an older vehicle and you don’t care about it and you just want a couple of dents fixed but sometimes you get what you pay for.

Finding a Good PDR Repair Shop

If you’re vehicle just got hail damage and you’re looking for a repair shop, I would first see if there are any local business that specialize in paintless dent repair.  The second place I would like for is a “pop” up shop and what I mean by this is, when a location gets hit by a hail storm, business from all over the country will show up and will be looking for work.  Some of these business will rent a building and work out of that shop for months.  These businesses generally have a good reputations but make sure to do your research first.  The last business that you should look for are pop up tents.  Some businesses will set up shop in a parking lot and work from there.  Most of these pop up tents still do great work but I would still do my research before getting your vehicle repaired for any type of hail repair shop.

Please do your research before choosing a hail repair shop.

No Such Thing As Cheap Hail Damage Repair

When it comes to cars and trucks, there is no such thing as “cheap”, unless you do it yourself.  I don’t recommend you try PDR (paintless dent repair) yourself as you can cause more damage but if you want to give it a try, find an old vehicle or panel to practice on.  Learn how to remove hail dents.

I wish I had better news for you on your journey to finding cheap hail damage repair but I don’t believe it exist.  You can find cheap repair but at what cost?  I have seen some really bad hail repair jobs before and the customers just end up paying more in the long run to get those repairs fixed.