Burro Black Widow Hot PDR Glue

For years, PDR techs have relied on the classic black Burro Black Widow PDR glue. This glue is suitable for most climates and temperatures.  

Orange Fire – Hot PDR Glue

This dent removal glue works well in warm climates and provides technicians with a reliable glue pull and easy removal from the vehicle.

Burro Cactus Green – Hot PDR glue

 Paintless Dent Repair technicians have trusted these Burro Cactus Green dent removal glue sticks for years. Learn more about this PDR glue.

Raptor Wedge with Fender Bender R&I tool set from Anson

As you perform PDR repairs, the Anson Connect Raptor Wedge will stay in place. Includes the Fender Bender R&I tool. Learn more.

Tequila Tools Door Lord Hub Sharp Set with Tactical Guerrilla Grip

Anson PDR is selling the Door Lord Hub sharp set with the tactical Guerrilla Grip made by Tequila Tools. Learn more about these PDR Tools.

Tequila Tools Door Lord Blade Hub Set with Tactical Guerrilla Grip

The Tequila Lord Blade Hub Set with tactical Guerrilla Grip comes in these sizes. View to learn more about these paintless dent repair tools.