Car Hood Dent Repair

Car Dent Hood Repair

Need to learn car dent hood repair? Make sure to watch this video on sharp car dent hood repair to remove your dent.

Video Summary

Hello, world PDR, coming at you here with a car dent hood repair on a Porsche Carrera. 4 convertibles. I don’t know what year it is, it’s a beautiful silver car and it actually had a wooden box drop on the hood. So, you can see that right here, we’ve got a triangular dent. If you want to, I’ll turn my head around a half a little bit easier to analyze this debt, it’s got a high spot right there, where the brace is pushed on it. And this thing is a double-braced. There’s a brace underneath here and if you want to look underneath what we’ve got it propped open, there’s a hole right here. That’s a brace obviously, but then, if you feel up in here, which you can’t I can there’s another double-skinned brace that covers the first three inches of this metal, all the way out.

No, I think it is about four or five inches. Let me feel for it and yeah, it’s right here, so it goes halfway through this dent. I’ve checked access and I’ve got my little, tiny, tiny titties ready, but I think what we’re going to do is glue tab on it to see we can get up just kind of warm it up to a little bit more, but the temp is going to, be more accepting Of the glue I’m about warming, it up – let’s just take the time to take out this little guy right here. So, at this point in the video is when I say I sure do appreciate everybody that clicking on this video. I really do, if you guys don’t mind hitting the subscribe button.

We sure love to see the channel, grow and love to see people learning and leaving positive comments. So yeah, first things. First, I want to tap right on this high spot, and it is solid. It is really solid guys, but I just want to get that little high pinch out a little bit. That’s okay! It’s not a brand-new car, but it sure is a beautiful one. One of my favorite cars on the planet is a Porsche Carrera and I think what we’re going to do. We’ve got the glue gun heated up and I think what we’re going to do is just stick a tab right in there and see how it’s going to pull. I got some black play glue on it, give it a little second before it, and now let’s get the lifter out.

I’m going to make a fairly quick pull a little bit of isopropyl and see how much this one moved honestly guys. The brace was right behind this dance so hard that I could not even slide my super skinny tool in there and wow that moved some metal normally. I would want to tap down right there, but I think what I’m going to do is I’m going to keep on pulling another good pull right here. You just see what I can get out of the center of that dent, get as much of it out as possible. I can always tap down again but to move that metal. The way we want – maybe I pulled it too quick, maybe the tab or temperature wasn’t right.

Turn this on too low to get a little bit of heat on there, and I don’t know if my assumption is correct, but I’m assuming this was factory paint. I should have asked the customer if it’s ever been repainted, but I also know how to look at paint really well in it all the lines match up everything. It looks like it’s pretty much factory plus it’s got a couple of rock chips in it. Some time and wear and tear so now, let’s see what we’re looking at here, it looks like I got a lot of that dent out before I even tap it again. Like I say guys, I want to try to get the center of that car hood dent. I’m going to go with just a little round tab but a tiny bit of glue and drop it right into the center of that last little part that is low and like I was saying they were pinched up against because the dent was down against the brace.

Well, now that I’ve moved it a little bit, I can probably slide my super skinny in there and took out the rest. That was a good snap that felt like it moved a little bit of metal and let’s see what we got out of this one yeah. So now we’re getting it pulled up in it. It’s at the point guys when it looks kind of weird. So, if you look through the board – and you see what I’m looking at – I’m going to actually just grab my Shane jacks, which I probably just should right off the bat change back to this one. It gives me a lot more surface area to tap and basically just bringing down these high crests so back to the cherry and so guys I planned about an hour for this Dan. I don’t think we’re going to keep you in for the whole thing, but I definitely wanted to show you these first couple of loopholes.

Now let me see if just moving that metal is going to give me the access that I need to turn that on and break out some of my super tiny titties we’re talking about a sixteenth of an inch and very, very strong and sturdy. So, let me see if I can just slide in behind that edge and see if I can find my tool. It is very tight, still very tight guys and I can only get the tool to about right here so to get up underneath this angle. Maybe I’m going to have to come into this brace. I might need to change my angle of sight also and try to just sneak slide all the way in and I’m using the elbow. I just felt the actual brace that was probably tacked. Welded together, it wanted to separate it’s not going to, be structurally hurting the car or anything it’s just very tough to get in there. So, I think what I’m going to do guys is.

I’m going to do a couple more glue, poles tap. Some of these highs down keep on working with the glue and if I can get this whole thing out with glue that’d be great other than that, we will just come back and show you what we’ve got. We might do some speed ease on the way and show you kind of how we’re going to go through this car dent hood repair. But like I say we will come back and show you the end result: okay, guys, here’s what we ended up with and still have a little bit of wax all over the hood. It was super tight, and it was definitely double-braced all the way through. Let’s put the board on it and kind of show you what we got. We have a little bit of waviness right here at the end and if you look at it yeah it’s got a little bit of a tug. It was super tight in there. I did a lot of it with the glue pulling tapped a lot of it back down and then, with that metal that was moved up.

It gave me enough room to slide one of these super tiny tools in there, but I didn’t really have the leverage or it is a good little stout tool, but I didn’t have the length and the leverage, so I ended up getting this one in there And this is actually just a little. I don’t know it’s a 3/16. I think smaller than a quarter-inch – and I went up to this brace right here – which I should probably just take the time right now to straighten out this little guy and give it a little bit of a straightening because I did kind of Bend that a little bit and got in there and got a lot of it out I. This is exactly what I promised the customer.
You know not a hundred percent, but definitely the difference between having a dent on the hood and not having a dent, basically have to look for it to find it not perfect, but what I call a good ninety percent, I think he’s going to be real happy With it – and I think we might even have another couple more dance to do on its BMW, but other than that you know, I sure do appreciate everybody sticking through this. This video, if you guys, don’t mind hitting up the like and toggle in the little notifications bellow you get noticed here, you get notified every time we make a new video and we sure appreciate all the good comments and all the positive feedback, and we definitely appreciate Anybody that hits us up on the PayPal link down there for any support of the channel.

You know. Basically, I make my money from doing dance now from YouTube, so to keep this channel going, it’s kind of tough. Sometimes we, you know, do spend money on microphones and SD cards and all the stuff you need to do to be a YouTuber. So uh, you know another Porsche done. I think it came out pretty nice other than that. Hey, I’ll just say the thing guys this has been PDR and I’m out peace. I hope you enjoyed this car hood dent repair video.