Aluminum Paintless Dent Repair On A Ford F-150

Paintless Dent Repair Aluminum F150

Need help using paintless dent repair on an aluminum F150?  If so, watch this video for some tips.  

Video Summary

Today, we have got a 2018 Ford, F-150 platinum edition, brand-new all aluminum truck in the shop here for a door ding in the driver’s door. We are going to show you how we will remove this dent.  Our customer had called obviously upset that he had a door ding in his brand-new 2018 aluminum Ford, f-150.

Lots of times people will even ask us how we fix dents in aluminum, and the technique is still the same for paintless dent repair. We still go behind the panel and push the dents out the same way. It’s just working on an aluminum dent is a lot more complicated and it takes typically twice as long to do a proper repair.

With this aluminum dent repair that we have, one technique we will use is panel heating.  We try to get it between 100 to 125 degrees as this makes it a lot easier to work with.  We will then push the dent out from the inside for a proper and smooth repair.

As you can see, this dent was just below the door handle and right above a door brace.  Our customer said that he swung the door open a little bit too Hard and it hit a mirror on another car and that is what caused this door dent.

If you have a newer vehicle that has an aluminum panel, you want to find somebody that specializes in aluminum dent removal so that you get the excellent results and return your vehicle looking new.

I hope this video helped you remove your dents using paintless dent repair on an aluminum F150.